What Is All-Cloud Network?

We are entering an intelligent world where many things have sensors, most things are connected, and more things are intelligent. Enterprises of all sizes, as the creators and transformers of our intelligent society, are actively embracing digital transformation to create and obtain value that revolves around Big Data and business operations.

Today, an enterprise network connects service systems and terminals, and also fulfills business strategies by generating commercial value from data throughout the whole process from production through operations. A digital enterprise requires an agile, intelligent, and secure network that allows the enterprise’s new ICT system to quickly obtain, transmit, and analyze data on demand, anytime and anywhere. The network must use open interfaces and development languages to interact with the data system. Consequently, enterprises require a ubiquitous all-cloud network that services the entire organization.

An all-cloud network provides the foundation to enable enterprises’ digital transformation. All-cloud provides network connections for any situation, along with efficient transmission, and intelligent connection management, enabling data to efficiently connect to cloud. In addition, cloud management and services simplify network Operations and Maintenance (O&M), make management easy, and improve operational efficiency, assuring faster data transmission and business innovation. An open network platform for industry applications gives endless opportunities to maximize the commercial value of Big Data. In addition, security functions as a protective umbrella for digital enterprises — which further prevents omnipresent threats and reduces risks, anytime, anywhere — to proactively protect the growth of business activities.


  • CloudEPN Solutions

    Huawei CloudVPN Solution redefines the enterprise private line service model that enables carriers to incorporate enterprise VPN and VAS functions in the cloud, which dramatically reduces the number of devices that need to be deployed by enterprises. The CloudVPN solution also enables plug-and-play device deployment, service configuration automation, and O&M automation and visualization. Enterprises are offered a capacity-on-demand experience, with service provisioning time significantly reduced and service deployment greatly simplified. In addition, Huawei combines mobile apps and security VAS services in the CloudVPN solution, enabling enterprises to enjoy better VAS services at lower costs and obtain ultimate experiences. Using CloudVPN Solution combining with SD-WAN, carriers provide quasi-private line experience and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by approximately 50%. Service-oriented intelligent path selection guarantees 100% SLA compliance.

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