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Storage Solutions for the Cloud and Beyond

OceanStor Storage Success Stories

Companies demand reliable storage that can serve as a data warehouse for upper-layer applications and provide high-performance resource utilization and management. To help customers meet IT challenges with ease, Huawei’s IT Infrastructure Storage Solutions leverage intelligent and converged storage features, open architecture, and proven integrated system design. Plus, they support a wide variety of platforms, applications, and industries while offering full lifecycle data management, online storage, data retention, and Big Data analysis.


  • Media Storage Solution provides IP-based video production, a tapeless media asset library, & post-production storage

    Media Storage Solution Ushers in Omnimedia Era

  • Storage Solution is based on an open, converged architecture and is compatible with most upper-layer application systems

    Solution Evolves Traditional TV to New Era

  • All-in-one design for massive scale data protection provides backup, archiving, analysis, de-duplication, and search in a unified manner

    All-in-One Design Keeps Large-Scale Data Safe


STaaS Solution

Huawei (Storage-as-a-Service) STaaS solution accelerates the cloud transformation of customer’s data centers.

Решение для хранения видеофайлов

Оцените все преимущества хранения и использования видео высокой чёткости с нашей интеллектуальной сетевой системой

Huawei ROBO Data Solution

Provides data center solutions — designed to run in remote, branch, and SMB office environments

OceanStor VTL Solution

Huawei’s OceanStor VTL Solution provides reliable and flexible data protection functions

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Implement resilient “active-active” methodology to link production and backup systems for rapid DR

Data Center Backup Solution

Offering All-In-One and Centralized Backup, Virtual Machine Protection, and data protection

Истории успеха

Банковские операции на базе СХД OceanStor S2600

С развитием и изменением информационных технологий значительно возросла роль ИКТ-систем в банковских операциях. Теперь их можно считать главным конкурентным преимуществом. Так появилась открытая платформа, называемая «расширением хост- систем».

Huawei Storage Solution Drives into the Future

Huawei's S2600 scalable SAN solution helped a vehicle fleet management company meet current storage demands, but also prepare for the future