Plug-and-Play Micro Data Center is Benchmark - Huawei Case Study

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Plug-and-Play Micro Data Center is Benchmark

25.07.2013 16:09:41

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China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC Group) is a large multinational group and also a Fortune 500 company whose core businesses cover Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), metallurgical resource development and paper manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, and real estate development. MCC Singapore is a subsidiary of MCC Group located in the Bukit Batok Industrial Park, Singapore. It primarily engages in EPC and real estate development.

Key Challenges

As its business grows quickly in Singapore, MCC Singapore found its existing IT architecture failed to meet the requirements of the fast-growing business and faced many issues, including the following:

Facing the fast-growing business, the company needed to deploy the cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. However, if the company installed a graphic workstation and purchased the BIM software license for each construction site, the total cost would be high and resources could not be shared. To reduce BIM software purchase costs and collaboratively develop and share architectural models across departments, the company intended to introduce cloud computing technology that can centrally manage and dynamically assign resources.

The daily office work predominately used desktops, laptops, and graphic workstations, which were dispersed at headquarters and construction sites. About 50% of PCs were still used, although the warranty period for them had expired, resulting in high maintenance expenses. In addition, frequent personnel reallocation brought about high risks to core data on PCs.

The existing equipment room was insufficiently protected, without putting in place monitoring and access control systems. This went against IT construction and did not accommodate future upgrading and capacity expansion requirements.


In response to MCC Singapore's challenges and requirements, Huawei offered a Micro Data Center (DC) solution, helping it quickly build the desired data center so that the company can better focus on its core businesses.

The Micro DC solution implements unified IT planning and management, simplifies the delivery process, and accelerates delivery speeds. By pre-installing IT equipment, cables, sensors and related software and hardware, this solution makes the IT system truly plug-and-play (PnP). In addition, this solution can seamlessly integrate the IT system with office communications software, thereby creating an integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experience.

Huawei also provided a high-definition desktop cloud solution to help MCC Singapore with three-dimensional BIM modeling. This solution centrally deploys virtual machines (VM) for graphic workstations with the graphics processing unit (GPU) cards, so users can remotely access and share resources from construction sites. The engineering management software achieves multi-user collaboration and reduces the number of graphic workstations with BIM software installed. In addition, the centralized deployment of desktop cloud unburdens MCC Singapore from PC management and maintenance issues.

Based on the desktop cloud, Huawei delivered a tailor-made converged IT cloud solution to MCC Singapore. With this solution, MCC Singapore can seamlessly move its IT support systems and business systems, including mail, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and engineering management systems, to the cloud platform. This dramatically increases MCC Singapore's IT infrastructure resource utilization and management efficiency.

Customer Benefits

Huawei's Micro DC and high-definition desktop cloud solutions bring many benefits to MCC Singapore, including the following:

  • Shortened service provisioning time and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Service provisioning now can be completed within several days, which took several months in the past. Estimates show that TCO and total budget are expected to be reduced by as high as 55% and 70% for the next three years ahead.

  • Perfect combination of BIM applications and cloud computing technology
  • IT support systems are upgraded to the cloud platform with Huawei's cloud computing architecture. By centrally deploying VM for graphic workstations, resources are shared more efficiently and users can better collaborate with each other. This cuts down BIM software purchase costs.

  • Secure and efficient mobile work styles
  • Huawei's desktop cloud solution supports multiple access modes. Engineers can conveniently access office resources anytime, anywhere by using their VM accounts on smartphones or tablets, no matter whether they are making high-definition graphic design in office rooms or conducting inspection at construction sites.

  • IT systems upgraded to a unified communications (UC) platform
  • With the help of the Micro DC and desktop cloud, MCC Singapore can manage their mail, ERP, and engineering management systems centrally and more efficiently.

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