New Unified IT Network Pays Dividends - Huawei Case Study

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New Unified IT Network Pays Dividends

25.07.2013 16:12:08

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China Merchants Group (CMG) started modern commercial development in China. CMG is now has a total of $500 billion in assets with businesses in areas such as logistics, finance, and real estate. The headquarters of CMG is now in Hong Kong.

Key Challenges

The rapid and diversified development of CMG caused a heavy workload for its IT systems. The original IT systems were scattered in subsidiary data centers that had different development levels. This distributed IT development mode had the following disadvantages:

  • Decentralized network design that made information collection difficult
  • Fierce business competition requires senior management to make decisions quickly and accurately, but the original IT systems could not provide proper information convergence services to assist CMG's decision-making activities.

  • Repeated system development that was expensive and used too many resources
  • The decentralized IT structure resulted in duplicated system development, which was expensive and used too many IT resources. The original IT systems had 38 equipment rooms that covered more than 1000 square meters, which cost an average of CNY10 million in annual space expenses.

  • Difficult operation and maintenance (O&M) that reduced system availability
  • The original systems had no unified standards and equipment rooms suffered from low availability and reliability. Most of the equipment rooms had Tier-1 reliability. IT management personnel spent most of their time fixing hardware and software failures rather than improving service.


Based on CMG's service requirements and the original IT system structure, Huawei worked with CMG to design the new IT system and energy-efficient equipment room solutions to meet CMG's service development requirements. The project benefited from Huawei's extensive experience in IT system development.

The solution has the following advantages:

  • Unified IT system architecture
  • Based on CMG subsidiary requirements, and the design philosophy of "Cloud-Pipe-Device", Huawei provided a comprehensive and unified network architecture design for CMG.

  • Cloud: Based on CMG's service features, Huawei designed a service-oriented architecture for three data centers in two cities
  • Pipe: Based on CMG's strategy of international service development, Huawei proposed a three-phase plan to develop a comprehensive service network to cover CMG's global branches
  • Device: Huawei, with its extensive experience in network development, provided a unified terminal management solution based on authentication to meet CMG's information security requirements
  • Huawei also helped CMG design detailed application deployment and service cutover solutions to facilitate the development of the unified data center, which enhanced CMG's confidence in developing the unified IT system
  • The solution was a perfect fit for CMG and became the guideline for CMG's 5-year IT system development

  • Complete, energy-efficient equipment room construction and system O&M
  • Comprehensive O&M solution

  • Huawei, after thoroughly analyzing CMG's requirements, proposed an end-to-end plan that improved the efficiency of O&M personnel, optimized equipment room usage, and reduced energy consumption
  • Environmentally-friendly design

  • The equipment room features modularized design with standard auxiliaries, which reduces on-site engineering, and the new design provides high expandability to meet CGM's service requirements for the next three to five years. The equipment room power usage effectiveness (PUE) is less than 1.5, which is considered the most energy-saving design for equipment rooms that use air conditioners for cooling

Customer Benefits

The solution provided the following customer benefits:

  • Comprehensive service design
  • Huawei's unified IT solution provides an advanced data center O&M system, enabling CMG to have unified IT services and perform unified IT system management with fewer personnel.

  • Environmentally-friendly IT system
  • The PUE of the original IT system was 1.9. Huawei, by working with the CMG, designed a new equipment room to lower the PUE to less than 1.5, reducing energy consumption by 30% and reducing electricity costs by CYN30 million annually.

  • Service continuity
  • The highly reliable solution ensures that the annual service interruption duration is less than 96 minutes and IT device reliability reaches 99.842%.

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