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Digital Train Solution

Future of Singapore’s Mass Transit System

Huawei’s Digital Train Solution automates processes and services for the railway industry, providing reliable train-ground backhaul, high-density Wi-Fi coverage, and an onboard platform to keep pace with passenger expectations for mobile, Internet services while traveling. Huawei helps rail operators focusing on strategies to improve wireless communications and enhance automated train control overcome challenges such as:

  • Lacking a high-density network that can provide reliable, continuous coverage for increasing mobile demands of passengers on trains
  • Most onboard services are offline and do not have real-time operations capabilities
  • Railways traverse complicated environments with numerous communications standards that are unable to adopt uniform access


Huawei developed the Digital Train Solution for advancements in railway communications, including broadband ground-vehicle reliable backhaul, high-density Wi-Fi coverage, and onboard open platform. These innovations enable the rail industry to enrich the mobile travel experience for passengers and refine operations.

Reliable train-ground backhaul

LTE networks are deployed along railway lines, around railway stations, and in rolling stock depots. Locomotive status data is transmitted through the LTE networks in real-time to the central locomotive monitoring platform for processing. If abnormalities are detected, preventative measures are invoked to reduce waste and improve efficiency. In addition, network deployment is simplified as standard GSM cellular technology for Rail (GSM-R) and LTE networks share base stations and other network infrastructure. Multiple communications standards are supported along the entire railway line.

High-density Wi-Fi coverage

A number of proprietary Huawei technologies are used to enable Wi-Fi coverage on trains with high passenger density, including Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) optimization, offline control, and multi-user scheduling. Flexible networking is supported for various trains. The Wireless Distribution System (WDS) and mesh networking schemes can be implemented on new deployments or to change old train networks.

Easy scalability for onboard services

Huawei’s onboard gateway AR511 is integrated with the Android platform, has open standards, and can be flexibly configured to support third-party value-added services such as energy consumption monitoring and ticket booking.

Huawei Digital Train solution helps railway operators build a high-bandwidth train-ground communication platform with wireless onboard services for passengers to improve their travel experience and real-time locomotive status monitoring to improve operations.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Reliable train-ground backhaul, real-time locomotive control

Communication platform supports 80 Mbit/s throughput for real-time backhaul of locomotive status data

Rich passenger experience with reliable Wi-Fi

Seamless coverage is provided on trains, supporting concurrent broadband access for 90 users per car

Open platform configures value-added services

Integrated onboard gateway and Android platform for 3rd party applications for services like ticket booking

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