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Huawei’s Next-Generation Firewall security

The information era is characterized by the transition to cloud computing, mobile Internet, Big Data, and virtual networks. Leveraging years of innovation and development, Huawei security is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive protection for the information era.

Huawei Security services cover terminal, cyber, cloud, and application security, as well as security management and security services specific to various products and solutions. The Huawei Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) has earned IPSec 2.2 Enhanced and SSL-TLS Certification from ICSA Labs, the Recommended Rating from NSS Labs and Common Criteria EAL4+ Certification.

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Firewall and Application Security Gateway

Applied to mobile, social, and cloud environments to monitor traffic threats and redefine perimeter security.

DDoS Protection Systems

Dedicated systems using advanced modeling and Big Data analytics to defend against cyber attacks.

Anti-APT Based on Big Data Analysis

Huawei APT Defense Solution provides anomaly detection models to detect the entire attack process.

BYOD Security

Huawei’s BYOD Solution provides secure access to enterprise assets from anywhere and from any device.

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Huawei Anti-DDoS Solution Shields Alibaba

Huawei Anti-DDoS Solution protects Alibaba from more than 100 DDoS attacks per day

Huawei Anti-DDoS Aids Tencent’s Online Growth

Huawei Anti-DDoS Solution protects Tencent’s valuable online services (e.g., WeChat), lowers TCO

Huawei Secures Supercomputing Network

USG9500 series cloud data center firewalls help secure National Supercomputing Center network

University Network Keeps Students Up to Speed

Huawei’s USG9500 platform helps Peking University’s campus network bring education into the 21st century

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