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Warranty provides a limited service from Huawei to replace potential defects in Huawei’s products. Warranty is generally limited in both the duration and the level of support. For a detailed description of applicable Warranty information such as terms, duration, service provisions, Service levels and exclusions, please click on below buttons.

Huawei Enterprise Product Warranty Guide

Huawei Enterprise Basic Warranty

Huawei Enterprise Standard Warranty

Huawei Enterprise IT Basic Warranty

Huawei Enterprise IT Standard Warranty

Huawei Enterprise IT Premier Warranty

Huawei Enterprise Limited Application Software Warranty and License Agreement

Huawei Enterprise Limited Lifetime Warranty

Appendix 1.Huawei Enterprise Warranty Exclusions,Disclaimer,Applicability and Compensation

Appendix 2.Huawei Enterprise Warranty Service Guidelines

Appendix 3.Huawei Enterprise CRU Parts list


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