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FusionCloud, Bridging Today to Tomorrow

Centering on digital transformation, Huawei offers a competitive private cloud solution that features cloud-based services, Big Data, enterprise intelligence, and smooth evolution from on-premises to off-premises resources.

Cloud Computing & Big Data Solution Overview

  • Private Cloud

    Huawei FusionCloud Private Cloud Solution fully utilizes cloud computing and Big Data technologies to provide resource pooling and full-stack cloud service capabilities, offering customers solutions in scenarios designed for converged resource pools, hosting cloud, and hybrid cloud. This solution satisfies customers' requirements in different industries, effectively addresses enterprises’ business challenges, and helps customers achieve all-cloud strategies, promoting industry digital transformation.

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  • Big Data

    Huawei Big Data solution is an enterprise-class offering that converges Big Data utility, storage, and data analysis capabilities. This platform allows enterprises to capture new business opportunities and discover risks by quickly analyzing and mining massive sets of data. As of June 2017, Huawei Big Data solutions were serving over 700 satisfied customers in the finance, government, public safety, carrier, education, energy, transportation, and health care sectors across 40 countries and regions.

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  • Desktop Cloud

    Huawei’s desktop cloud solution, FusionAccess, is a virtual desktop application based on Huawei FusionSphere. It allows users to access cross-platform applications and desktops through TCs or other connected terminals. FusionAccess features high security and reliability, superior user experience, and high agility and efficiency. It serves over 1,500 enterprises and over 1.1 million users worldwide and is widely deployed in the education, finance, government, telecommunication, energy, and media industries.

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  • Virtualization

    Huawei virtualization solution suite comprises server virtualization products, cloud management software, disaster recovery and backup software, and System Operation Insight (SOI) software. It virtualizes hardware resources, centrally manages virtualized and hardware resources. It also provides basic backup and disaster recovery, management of heterogeneous resource pools, lightweight operation, cloud services, infrastructure visualization, performance management, and other capabilities.

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Success Stories

Cooperation and Ecosystem

Open Source Ecosystem
  • No. 2

    Huawei ranked second among all global contributors in the OpenStack community.

  • No. 6

    Huawei ranked first in overall contributions among Chinese contributors and sixth among all global contributors in CNCF.

  • No. 3

    Huawei ranked third among all global contributors in the Hadoop community.

  • No. 4

    Huawei ranked fourth among all global contributors in the Spark community.

Huawei OpenStack Introduction