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Cloud Data Center Energy Solution

The power supply and distribution system solution includes a full series of large modular UPSs that range from 1 kVA to 800 kVA and can be parallel to 6.4 mVA. The cooling capacity of Huawei Air Conditioners (ACs) ranges from 11 kW to 253 kW, and the ACs are applicable to precision air conditioning systems across different scales of data centers. The NetEco6000 intelligent management system creates the FusionModule 2000 intelligent modular data center and FusionModule 1000 pre-made data center.

The key features of Huawei’s intelligent data center infrastructure solution are:


  • Huawei’s solution offers a fully redundant structure to avoid single points of failure across parts, components, and the system
  • The main control module is hot swappable with the exclusive lightload dehumidification function
  • Health management system provides alerts at an early stage. The proactive O&M, plus timely parts replacement, help prolong device lifespan and improve system reliability


  • A modular UPS with 97.1% system efficiency and a sealed, cold/hot channel strategy prevents mixing of cold and hot air, while cooling technologies such as high-precision UPS, DC inverter air conditioners, and in-row cooling reduce the PUE to 1.2. Cooling collaboration and interactive regulation at the service layer enable each system and component to operate optimally. Energy conservation further reduces costs 
  • Efficient management of asset lifecycle, with pre-estimation of capacity utilization rate, optimizes the use of data center resources and maximizes ROI


  • The modular architecture is simplified for phased deployment. Smart, plug-and-play micro modules help you reduce CAPEX
  • Factory-prefabricated components and rapid, on-site assembly offers all-in-one services to support faster service rollout

Get Big Benefits with Enterprise IT Solutions from Huawei


Fully redundant architecture and intelligent monitoring with failure warning


97.1% UPS system efficiency, DC inverter air conditioners, and a sealed, cold/hot channel strategy


Flexible/scalable modular architecture and factory-prefabricated components for quick deployment

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