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Huawei ISP Lösung Video

As public and private cloud continues to develop, more and more services are gathering in the cloud. As part of this, the ICT architecture of Internet Service Provider(ISP) is facing new challenges. Quick deployment speed of new services, dramatically increased demands in flexibility, huge data volume transmitted between data centers and users, and large volume service access require better carrier and service provisioning capabilities.

Huawei is tracking industry developments with the intent to fulfill every customer requirement. They are committed to helping ISP customers to transform themselves and meet the challenges of a new Internet era.

Relying on their accumulated expertise in the data center domain, Huawei is helping ISPs build flexible, easy-to-maintain, and agile cloud data centers. In particular, Huawei combines multiple technologies to improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Huawei virtualization tools — able to compute service provisioning allocations for storage, network, and application resources within 10 minutes — assist in the design and deployment of custom services. Huawei’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions have been engineered for compatibility with legacy networks, and innovative hardware and software integrations are reducing configuration workloads by as much as 90%. Huawei joins with the ISPs to research data center service requirements with an eye on implementing valued-added services that enable Huawei customers to deliver unique value to their customers.

Huawei has provided solutions to more than 600 Internet companies and data center service providers. These solutions help customers handle the doubled-edged pressure of preconceiving their business operations and rebuilding their infrastructures to match. The Huawei ISP solutions for cloud, pipes, and devices include management of cloud data center layer 1 to layer 3, ultra-broadband transmission of pipe data centers, and device solutions such as data transmission, broadband leasing, and multiple user access to end-user terminals, which satisfies various customer requirements.

Get Big Benefits with Enterprise IT Solutions from Huawei

Convergence and openness

Combines cloud, pipe, and devices, with the open structure of OpenStack

Flexible and elastic

SDN and virtualization quickly deploy services and ensure high resource utilization rate

Ultra broadband transmission

Future-oriented IP + optical SDN structure saves 60% on OPEX lease costs

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