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Cloud Managed Campus Network Solution


Huawei’s latest network solution, CloudCampus, provides a new service model that enables cloud-based provisioning and management. It outperforms comparable offerings from its competitors. The campus network is an information transmission platform that is rapidly becoming a vital resource across a wide range of industries. It is estimated that by 2019, roughly 83 percent of enterprises will have undergone a full digital transformation in response to the emergence of new ICT technologies, such as cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile Internet.

Networks are having to become larger to contend with the enormous growth in upper-layer services and data. For example, many supermarkets are already providing free in-store Wi-Fi in an attempt to attract more customers. They also want to be able to analyze customer flow so they can capitalize on precision marketing and push advertising techniques. Traditionally, in order to build a network like this, a chain supermarket would need to deploy hundreds, or even thousands, of APs on its wireless network. Deploying, managing, and configuring these devices would be a prohibitively large workload even for a large team of dedicated on-site IT personnel.

Of course, supermarkets are not the only ones facing these challenges. Enterprises and organizations from every sector of the economy are having to adapt to the opportunities presented by new ICT technologies. Schools are building more electronic classrooms (eClassrooms) as the public becomes increasingly aware of the environmental impact of paper use, while the smart healthcare industry is connecting medical institutions to networks to permit unified management and analysis of medical records. Traditional network solutions cannot meet the requirements of these kinds of projects. Huawei’s CloudCampus Solution addresses many of these difficulties while reducing enterprise OPEX. It also cooperates with third-party systems through open northbound APIs to offer an optimal service experience and rich VASs.

Benefits for enterprises:

Huawei’s CloudCampus Solution leverages new ICT technology to provide cloud-based campus network management services that are characterized by “faster deployment”, “simplified administration”, and “richer applications”. 

  • Faster deployment: Enterprises of all sizes can shorten their network deployment time from months to days by using the cloud-based network planning, deployment, optimization, and PMI tools offered by CloudCampus
  • Simplified Administration: CloudCampus provides on-demand network services and significantly reduces enterprise OPEX
  • Richer applications: The Big Data analytics capability and open APIs of a cloud management platform open up diversified SaaS applications, excellent service experiences, and network VASs for users

Benefits for MSPs:

Huawei’s CloudCampus Solution has been designed specifically to enable MSP-operated cloud management platforms. It permits mass device management and provides network devices that support both local and cloud-based management and can smoothly switch between them.

  • Self-owned Cloud Platform: CloudCampus provides the world’s first cloud management platform that can be operated by MSPs. All of the revenue from cloud management services goes directly to the MSPs
  • Management Scale-out: While traditional campus solutions can manage several tens of thousands of devices, Huawei’s CloudCampus Solution increases that number to a million and can deliver unified policies to devices across the whole network, improving management efficiency
  • Hybrid Management, Smooth Migration: CloudCampus has been designed to protect customer investments by evolving smoothly from traditional local management to cloud-based management

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Faster Deployment

Months to days

Simplified Administration

Real-time support on cloud, 80%+ decrease in OPEX

Richer Application

Location analytics
Wi-Fi with WeChat/Facebook login

Hybrid Management, Smooth Migration

On-premise managed & cloud managed

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