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Campus Network Solution

CloudCampus: Smart Retail All Around Us

As more enterprises undergo digital transformation, new services are emerging and diverse industry application demands are growing. Because of this, campus networks have become a vital resource for every enterprise. Huawei provides the most complete campus network solutions in the industry.

At the access layer, Huawei advocates integrated all-wireless access and multi-network convergence to realize the full-mesh wireless connection of people, things, and the environment. In addition, VXLAN technology is used to virtualize a physical network into multiple tenant networks, improving network resource utilization. Dedicated network resources are allocated in real time based on user services, reducing service roll-out time from weeks to minutes.

Huawei supports both traditional local management and cloud-based management.

Huawei Agile Campus Solution provides a series of innovative sub-solutions including wired and wireless convergence, free mobility, quality awareness, Unified Virtual Fabric (UVF), Smart Application Control (SAC), IoT & Wi-Fi convergence, MDM integration, and united security. This helps enterprises build converged, simple, open, and secure campus networks, which serve businesses in a more agile manner. However, enterprises are faced with high OPEX, slow network deployment, and complex O&M. In response, Huawei has developed the CloudCampus Solution, which centrally manages multi-branch networks on the cloud. Customers can select solutions flexibly according to service features and requirements of their campus networks, and smoothly upgrade their existing network to the cloud-managed network.

Huawei CloudCampus Solution: Cloud-based management lowers enterprise OPEX and offers a wealth of applications, helping to build a digital campus

Huawei leverages cloud technology to implement centralized management of multi-branch networks and provide cloud-based network management services throughout the full lifecycle; from network planning and deployment to optimization and O&M. This shortens network deployment time from months to days. In addition to centralized cloud-based management, the Big Data analytics platform automatically optimizes the global network and reduces the OPEX of enterprise networks significantly. The numerous open APIs of the cloud management platform also offer enterprises diverse applications, helping users obtain excellent service experiences and network VASs.

Huawei AgileCampus Solution: An SDN-based architecture enables fast service provisioning

With the development of SDN-based campus networks, Huawei uses the Agile Controller to achieve network-wide collaborative control and on-demand scheduling of network resources. Huawei AgileCampus Solution provides customers with campus networks featuring converged access, agile O&M, and united security. The solution also offers users and services in-depth access control, and enables network O&M personnel to implement full lifecycle management including planning and deployment, routine O&M, and quality awareness. In addition, the entire network supports rapid function expansion and interconnection with third-party systems, better adapting to service growth.

All-Scenario Wi-Fi Solution: Hybrid wireless access and multi-network convergence achieve all Wi-Fi connection of people, things, and environment

Purpose-built products and solutions are used to provide Wi-Fi access in all scenarios, enabling optimal network experiences. These solutions include the Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution for high-density rooms, the High-Density Wi-Fi Solution for high-density users and high service concurrency scenarios, and the IoT/Wi-Fi Convergence Solution for high-density IoT applications.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Hybrid wireless access

Multi-network convergence achieves all-wireless connection of people, things, and the environment

One network for multiple purposes

Multi-tenant networks are used and services are provisioned within minutes

Cloud-based management

Network deployment time is shortened from months to days; real-time O&M on the cloud reduces OPEX by over 80%

Diverse applications

Open cloud platform, over 20 industry applications, and more than 30 business partners

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