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Media Cloud Solution

Huawei Media Cloud Solution offers an omnimedia service–defined cloud platform that features IT resource pooling, service automation, and intelligent management:

  • The platform replaces multiple traditional, independent media-handling systems with a single universal infrastructure
  • The platform provides parallel transcoding and rendering capabilities 30 times faster than a traditional transcoding device. Videos are segmented and transcoded in real time
  • The platform schedules resources in a unified manner

Huawei’s Media Cloud Solution improves performance while simplifying media management for TV stations and other media producers and broadcasters.

Converged resources improve performance and adaptability

Offering an alternative to traditional stovepipe architectures and media system silos, Huawei’s Media Cloud Solution employs a converged architecture and media processing resources for computing, storage, migration, and management. The solution enables convergence between office and production service networks; between input, editing, broadcast, and management workflows; and between traditional media and new media.

The inherently flexible nature of the omnimedia-based cloud IT infrastructure combines with Huawei’s intelligent system management capabilities to implement fine-grained resource customization, scheduling, and automated allocation.

In addition, on-demand system capacity expansion, linear performance increases, and balanced resource usage dramatically improve adaptability and reduce maintenance costs for media enterprises that confront frequent business revolutions and new service rollouts.

IT resource pooling boosts resource utilization

When used for editing, transcoding, and compositing, computing resource pools typically improve resource utilization by 60% over physical devices by intelligently scheduling resources to applications at different times. Huawei’s Media Cloud Solution enables use of heterogeneous legacy devices in these resource pools, reducing the cost of transitioning to a cloud platform.

The storage resource pools allow multiple media teams (for different TV channels, for example) to access input, editing, broadcast, management, and storage services. Intelligent handling of data saves on scheduling resources and optimizes workflows. All-file storage eliminates the need for tape and quickly moves data from the playout system to the storage system.

The solution’s agile network resource pool has an all-IP architecture. Workflow-based agile caching prevents packet loss during traffic bursts or frame loss during HD video production.

The converged underlying architecture enables expansion of storage resources transparently to upper-layer applications. This transparency allows new media services to be set up and integrated smoothly with traditional media services.

Service automation speeds provisioning

The flexible architecture of Huawei’s Media Cloud Solution supports on-demand resource access and flexible service expansion. Fine-grained IT resource templates can be created and automatically distributed to deploy a new channel or program in minutes.

Intelligent management simplifies operation

Huawei’s Media Cloud Solution uses global system monitoring to support a comprehensive analysis of resource use that helps to predict future resource needs. Resources can be customized for each program and channel without changing resource usage habits.
The solution’s media data management functions distribute data automatically within the storage system or in accordance with a user-defined policy. These data flows do not require upper-layer application resources. The storage system provides full-lifecycle data management.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Improve performance and adaptability

Slash service rollout time and increase video production speed and media migration efficiency

Pool resources for versatility

Combine office and production networks; input, edit, broadcast, and management workflows

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