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Turbocharge Your Network with Huawei Ethernet Switches

Huawei AgileCampus Network Solution

Huawei CloudEngine, Campus, and SMB Switches combine advanced architecture and design with carrier-grade reliability to provide high-availability, high-performance networking for large-scale data centers, ISPs, and enterprise IT networks.

Innovative networking, management, and security features let enterprise customers keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth in converged, wired and wireless networks. Virtualization, high-density clustering, and Software-Defined Networking technologies provide the flexible, scalable switching needed for server-based multimedia applications, resilient cloud-computing, and the crush of Big Data.

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Data Center Switches

High-performance core, aggregation, and access switches for data centers and high-end campus networks

SOHO & SMB Switches

Energy-saving Ethernet access switches with rich service features; easy to install and maintain

Campus Switches

Smart core, aggregation, and access switches for enterprise campus networks allow for flexible networking

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