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Smart Campus

Cities are building enterprise campuses to consolidate science, culture, healthcare, and other industries. Generally, industry campuses occupy large areas with dense populations, creating operational and management challenges:

  • Cameras are deployed across campuses, but it is difficult to detect unauthorized access, theft, or disruptive behavior by watching videos from multiple cameras
  • Geographically-dispersed utility monitoring devices lack the ability to collect and analyze energy consumption data
  • The lack of professional planning or a unified management portal makes it difficult to manage scattered IT resources and provision campus services

Huawei builds future-oriented ‘smart’ campuses with unified management. These campuses are based on Huawei’s Cloud-Pipe-Device architecture, and capitalize on IT methods to enable information exchange among people, vehicles, environments, and assets. With the advantages of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), Huawei’s Smart Campus Solution builds campus management and application services platforms. The solution focuses on the development of three major application packages — digital security, intelligent property management, and ‘smart’ office — to provide a convenient workplace for administrators and resident enterprises, while also enhancing the brand image and competitiveness of the campus.

  • Digital security: A campus video surveillance system is linked with the intrusion alarm function. When an intrusion is detected, the system sends alarm signals and videos to specified mobile clients or the command center. After confirmation, the system generates audible and visual alarms or triggers contingency plans that improve emergency response efficiency. In this way, the system strengthens campus security and protects enterprises’ assets and employees
  • Personnel management: An all-in-one card system implements one-stop personnel management. The system integrates information about each employee’s ID card, wallet, and keys. It also implements integrated, intelligent visitor management, including vehicle identification, access control, directions, article storage, dining, and shopping. As a result, both campus property owners and visitors can enjoy a great service experience
  • Vehicle management: The vehicle management system enables automatic vehicle access without swiping cards. It provides precise parking guidance to manage parking lots and minimize parking violations. It also offers driving directions and tracking functions to protect enterprises’ materials
  • Energy-saving management: Environmentally-friendly equipment room and cloud computing/desktop technologies improve resource usage and reduce IT energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The Advanced Metering Infrastructure monitors energy consumption with key devices in specific locations to improve energy efficiency
  • Comprehensive management: Integrated subsystems provide a unified user access portal that simplifies management operations for campus administrators and enterprise employees
  • ‘Smart’ office: Campuses provide resident enterprises with a package of office services, including desktop cloud, unified communications, call center, converged conferencing, and information release. As a result, enterprises do not have to worry about basic ICT construction

Huawei’s Smart Campus Solution brings economic benefits to campus administrators and enterprises by delivering high-quality customer service. The solution improves the brand image of campuses to help them attract more enterprises and promote the development of the regional economy.


  • Digital security: The campus video surveillance system is linked with intrusion alarms to strengthen campus security
  • ‘Smart’ property management: Information exchange and sharing among people, vehicles, environments, and assets enable unified campus management
  • ‘Smart’ office: A package of office services provided to campus enterprises

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Digital Security

The campus video surveillance system is linked with intrusion alarms to strengthen campus security

Smart Property Management

Information exchange among people, vehicles, systems, and assets enable unified campus management

Smart Office

A package of office services is provided to campus enterprises

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