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TV Station HD Program Production Solution

Distributed cloud data center and NAS storage system for Phoenix TV

Traditional enclosed and department-based production platforms struggle to meet service requirements. TV stations face several challenges with multi-channel program production and broadcasting:

  • Time-consuming HD transmission often suffers quality issues
  • HD production often suffers frequent frame freeze and loss
  • News production terminals cannot access the Internet and product network at the same time, which lowers production efficiency

TV stations need new IT infrastructure to improve production and broadcasting and Huawei’s TV Station HD Program Production Solution offers the best.

The Huawei TV Station HD Program Production Solution meets the most stringent current requirements:

Unified storage resource pool

A distributed resource pool centrally stores raw materials, processed video, and completed programs. This enables logical service partition plus capacity and bandwidth expansion.

Internal material transfer

Completed programs transfer from production to media asset storage by intranet. The system reads data from trunking storage nodes and transfers data in parallel for 10 times better efficiency using no external bandwidth.

Users retrieve materials through a HardLink path that can access a system-generated KB-level file link. This lowers transfer time to near zero and significantly improves transmission efficiency.

CSS2 vertical stacking and agile caching

Vertical stacking replaces the cross-sector network to reduce network hopping by 6 to 4 times during resource access. There is only one network congestion point so video editing network quality improves.

GE access switches with no caching cause frame freeze and loss during video dragging. Agile caching uses a stream-based approach to solve the problem.

The production network’s backbone core switch identifies access switches with no caching and records their IP streams. It then sets traffic thresholds for the switches. The core switch distributes 4 Mbit/s caching to GE workstations. The workstations use these caching resources to carry bigger loads during peak hours, preventing network congestion and packet loss.

Coarse-grained VDI and composition server virtualization

Workstations use coarse-grained Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to log onto desktops from any VDI terminal. Enhanced video applications, lightweight editing software, and a streaming media server promote flexible resource distribution to improve resource use and efficiency.

A blade server replaces four Z800 composition servers to decrease system footprint, improve server density, and increase video composition efficiency. Users can operate and maintain the virtualized composition servers to simplify the system and improve operations, administration, and management for production efficiency.

Huawei’s TV Station HD Program Production Solution substantially improves HD video transfer efficiency cutting transfer of a 1-hour HD news program to 16 minutes less than an identical-length SD program using traditional systems.

Let Huawei bring you the good news. Contact a representative to learn more.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Efficient HD program production

HD transmission times reduced by 90%, from 80 to 8 minutes

Increase HD program storage 

Material HardLink mode doubles HD program storage capacity

High-quality HD video editing

Production frame loss rate lowered from 1 to 0.1

High resource usage

Virtual machine and better graphics processing improve resource use 30%

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