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Hotel Wireless Network Solution

Fiber network gives guests control over in-room services

Hotels often find that their wireless networks fail to deliver the expected services because:

  • Hotels typically use standalone “fat Access Points (APs),” which may provide inadequate wireless signals and make Operation and Maintenance (O&M) difficult
  • APs in hotel corridors transmit through walls and provide weak signals in rooms
  • The hotel wireless system does not have the coverage or bandwidth to support wireless Video-on-Demand (VoD) or voice services

The Huawei Hotel Wireless Network Solution uses an Access Controller (AC) and “thin APs” to implement wireless networks that provide high-bandwidth coverage for every part of the hotel. The versatile APs can be installed in several ways and the hotel can easily configure refined user group control policies to help maintain security.

Complete coverage with easy management and security

To meet the expectations of today’s hotel guests, the Huawei Hotel Wireless Network Solution ensures that devices such as tablets and smartphones can access the Internet in every area of the hotel, from guest rooms and meeting rooms to dining rooms, gardens, and swimming pools.

Unified wired/wireless management simplifies O&M

The Huawei Hotel Wireless Network Solution integrates the wireless network with the hotel’s wired network using a single authentication server for both networks, Huawei’s eSight unified network management system, and core switches that provide high-speed data exchange with 10 Gbit/s uplink and downlink bandwidth.

The architecture for the wireless network uses an AC to simplify management of the APs. With eSight, this architecture supports unified configuration and management of the APs, wizard-based wireless network configuration, accurate fault location, and quick recovery from faults.

Additionally, this solution utilizes the AC to centrally manage the radio frequency signal of the APs, leveraging Huawei’s advanced optimization algorithm and intuitive network optimization methods to expand wireless signal coverage. This technology simplifies wireless roaming and implements intelligent load balancing.

Flexible AP deployment achieves full wireless coverage

Based on the site requirements of each hotel, the Huawei Hotel Wireless Network Solution offers an appropriate deployment method. For example, data traffic for the wireless network can be carried over dedicated network wiring or combined with the Cable TV (CATV) signal and carried on a single cable.

Refined user group control policies provide more secure access

The Huawei Hotel Wireless Network Solution enables use of Huawei’s user group control policies, which perform better than the traditional Access Control List (ACL) function. The control policies support isolated access of users who have the same Service Set Identifier (SSID) and apply blacklist and whitelist settings to implement access control and speed adjustments for each user.

The refined user group control policies make secure isolation for the hotel wireless network easy and efficient, prevent customer information from theft at the access side, and separate the guest room network from the hotel’s office network.

The Huawei solution also includes an authentication server that authenticates users on both the wired and wireless networks. If the hotel wishes to charge for wireless network use, the server keep track of usage for charging.

Intelligent multi-user scheduling assures stable access

When multiple users simultaneously access the same AP, they may see their network speed decrease. The Huawei hotel wireless network solution uses intelligent multi-user scheduling technology to detect the number of access users in real time and adjust signaling channel parameters and load balancing to ensure fast and stable access. This technology handles massive-user scenarios, such as banquets and large conferences.

QoS control ensures high-quality audio and video

Huawei’s wireless system embeds Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) technology to manage Quality of Service (QoS) for impressive audio and video. Using this technology, hotels can launch superb wireless voice service and Video-on-Demand (VoD) without changing the wireless network structure or adding more APs.

The system includes other technologies as well to minimize the delay of wireless voice calls and the network bandwidth usage of wireless VoD.

Hotels can depend upon the Huawei wireless solution to provide both guests and hotel staff with reliable, high-performance wireless services.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Manage efficiently with access controllers

One AC supports AP configuration and management, wizard-based network configuration, and fast fault recovery

Support plenty of wireless users

Multi-user scheduling and load-balancing enable one AP to handle many users at the same time

Ensure video quality with multimedia technology

Wi-Fi multimedia technology provides the quality needed for voice and video over the network

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