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eGovernment Secure Desktop Cloud Solution

Desktop Cloud Solution overview

Government office desktops support the eGovernment network, and Internet access plus provides:

  • Unauthorized data detection and information security
  • Reduced on-site maintenance and simplified resource management, overcoming the burden of geographically dispersed hardware
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Access to different networks without needing to restart systems and applications
Huawei’s eGovernment Secure Desktop Cloud Solution protects sensitive government data and supports convenient network switchover. These features dramatically improve system O&M efficiency and resource utilization.

Unified platform and all-round protection

The eGovernment Secure Desktop Cloud Solution uses Huawei’s cloud operating system, FusionSphere, to allocate server and storage clusters and create Virtual Machines (VMs) for desktop services. FusionSphere closely integrates with the Client Agent (CA) system deployed by government agencies.

FusionSphere offers superior all-round data protection:

  • Network isolation for VMs, network domains, and access domains logically isolates the eGovernment network from the Internet
  • User-defined Key (UKey) status monitoring ensures only authorized access. When a desktop Thin Client (TC) logs into the network VM, the CA system distributes the UKey for identification, protecting resources from unauthorized access
  • Disk-wide data and storage encryption protects VM data volumes, helping mitigate data leak risks

Centralized resources and increased energy efficiency

FusionSphere uses mature technologies for leading performance and easy management. It centralizes computing and storage resources in the data center, optimizing management and improving resource use:

  • Desktop cloud system administrators can remotely manage desktop TCs and VMs
  • With centralized management, administrators can standardize VM system promoters and install software in batches
  • With centralized deployment, computing and storage resources maximize energy efficiency

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Top-notch data security

Comprehensive security prevents unauthorized data access and copying

Quick network switchover

Desktop thin clients reduce switchovers from networks to the Internet to 5 seconds

Unified platform, simplifed O&M

Reduces average maintenance time for a desktop from 2 hours to 3 minutes

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