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Smart Campus Solution for Education

Smart campus solutions

Modern campuses run on new technologies that have fundamentally changed how educational institutions support everything from research projects to cafeteria dining. However, there are challenges in getting there:

  • Scattered resources and classrooms lower flexibility and efficiency
  • Lack of energy consumption monitoring wastes power and increases costs
  • Old video surveillance systems do not support incident warnings, causing slow emergency responses and making campuses less safe
  • Terminals do not support unified management, affecting teaching, learning, and administration

But, Huawei’s Smart Campus Solution for Education can help.

Huawei leverages advanced ICT architecture to develop smart campuses, bringing great convenience, flexibility, and efficiency to campus life with robust features.

Cloud resource sharing

Distributed cloud architecture enables local caching and close-by visits to resources to promote educational material sharing and self-learning.

Energy consumption monitoring

Huawei uses Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to monitor power consumption in key campus areas and systems. The Smart Campus Solution for Education also easily integrates with office automation systems to monitor device power consumption, provide inductive switch control, and limit excessive power consumption.

Safe campus

Multiple intelligent analysis functions, such as intrusion detection and abandoned object detection, bolster campus security. Security officials can view surveillance video from many different terminals and make intelligent searches from archived video clips.

Smart management

Mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and video conferencing terminals are interconnected to support unified management and collaboration and improve mobile office efficiency.

Make your campus smarter today. Contact Huawei to learn how.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Promotes resource sharing

Improve teaching and research resource use with a unified resource platform

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient

Precisely monitor power consumption for cleaner, more energy-saving operations

Improves campus safety

Make campus safer with incident warnings and smart information acquisition for evidence collection

Enables seamless communication

Smoothly communicate anytime, anywhere, on any device over a unified communication platform

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