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Video Surveillance Power Supply Solution

PowerCube500 video surveillance power

Huawei Safe City video monitoring power supply system includes all-series solutions for IVS Grid Hybrid, IVS Solar + Grid Hybrid, and ITS Solar Hybrid, and is suitable for small power stations requiring video surveillance and transmission. With integrated telecom, security, and power supply, Huawei fuses digital information technology with power electronics technology, introduces integrated smart sites, and helps customers rapidly build integrated sites with simple maintenance and easy management — reliably simplifying and reducing the cost of operation and maintenance during site monitoring.

With the rapid development of cities, video monitoring sites, as the foundation for Safe Cities, play a very important part in project delivery. How to obtain a stable and reliable power supply when constructing sites has become a big challenge for some areas with no mains or unstable mains. There are also some obstacles in the rapid development of Safe Cities, such as different requirements for site cameras and transmission equipment, various transmission equipment configuration, and sites without network management. Due to the difficulties of site design, installation and management, traditional patchwork plans do not satisfy the cities manager’s need for the construction and management of video monitoring site.

Huawei Safe City video monitoring power supply solution uses a modular design based on the integration platform, supports long life and high performance of lithium iron batteries and remote intelligent network management. With maximized energy efficiency technology from advanced power management, SolarMax and GridMax, make full use of solar energy and the grid to provide simple, intelligent, safe, and reliable, management of energy supplies for monitoring equipment.


MIMO technology, simple deployment, easy O&M


Multi-level anti-theft design, high power reliability


Remote network management, on-site mobile App, Intelligent management