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Data Center Network Solution

Large Layer 2 networks in data centers

Cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile Internet are producing more and more traffic for data centers. Huawei CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution is designed to build simple, open, and elastic cloud data center networks capable of supporting enterprise businesses and applications during long-term development of cloud services. The solution suite includes an automated deployment solution, a Fabric Insight refined O&M solution, a scalable interconnection solution, and an open ecosystem to help customers quickly adapt to changes of cloud services.

Huawei CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution provides one-stop services to simplify data center network construction based on a variety of network products. Huawei’s data center switches include the industry’s highest-performance CloudEngine 12800 core switches, CloudEngine 8800/7800/6800/5800 high-performance ToR switches, and the CloudEngine 1800V virtual switch. These switch products are used with Huawei Agile Controller to build SDN-based next-generation data center networks for customers. The solution also integrates comprehensive transmission, routing, security, and network management products, which can be combined with the data center switches to deliver a one-stop data center network solution.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei


The industry’s highest-density 100G connections support access for 50,000+ servers


Automated network deployment and O&M let you provision services and locate faults in minutes


Standardized open architecture enables open-source partnership, creating an E2E open cloud ecosystem

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CloudFabric Scalable Interconnection Solution

High-performance DCN and DCI networking lowers costs by 30%; unified management improves resource utilization

CloudFabric SDN-based Automated Deployment Solution

Application-driven automation shortens service provisioning; supports physical, VM, and cloud environments

Fabric Insight Refined O&M Solution

Resource visualization and 3-network mapping improve O&M; Big Data analytics enables fault location

CloudFabric Open Ecosystem

The Open Cloud ecosystem builds on collaboration with major IT vendors and standards organizations

CloudFabric Data Center Interconnect and Disaster Recovery Solutions

High availability, responsive backup, seamless disaster recovery, and 3-layer interconnection for multiple DCs

CloudFabric Data Center Network Management Solution

Integrated suite of Huawei’s eSight DC and network management tools for the era of cloud computing

Cloud Data Center Security Solution

Provides unparalleled end-to-end security protection for data centers

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