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Huawei AgileCampus Solution

Huawei AgileCampus Network Solution

Mobility, cloud computing, Big Data, and the IoT are driving enterprises of all sizes to go digital. This trend poses new challenges for enterprise campus networks, particularly large- to medium-sized campuses. The challenges include: Converging both wired and wireless networks to deliver consistent experiences and simplify management, guaranteeing high-quality mobile work-styles in diverse mobile scenarios, adding network visibility, simplifying network O&M, and reducing O&M costs.

Huawei has specifically designed its AgileCampus Solution for large- to medium-sized enterprise campus networks. It empowers enterprises to build a converged, simple, open, and secure campus network.

Huawei AgileCampus Solution — a collection of sub-solutions like Wired and Wireless Convergence, Free Mobility, and Quality Awareness — enables networks to be more agile, thus empowering enterprises to succeed.

Wired and wireless convergence simplifies management and reduces OPEX by up to 69%

Traditionally, wired and wireless networks are overlaid and managed separately, doubling the workload. In Huawei AgileCampus, agile switches with native AC functionality work with WLAN APs to implement wired and wireless convergence, enabling unified management of wired and wireless networks while guaranteeing high forwarding performance. The entire campus network with core/aggregation switches, access switches, and APs can be virtualized into a “super device”, which greatly simplifies management and reduces OPEX by up to 69%.

Automated policy deployment increases efficiency by 55% 

In campus networking, users require consistent access rights when moving to different branches. Traditionally, IT personnel need to manually synchronize policies, a labor-intensive act that is plagued by the risk of manual errors. Huawei AgileCampus provides automatic policy deployment, making it possible to configure policies through natural language and drag-and-drop orchestration. The approach improves policy deployment efficiency by 55%, and allows user policies of campuses in different areas to be synchronized automatically, thus enabling a consistent “free mobility” experience regardless of access location. 

Quality awareness brings added network visibility, reducing O&M time by 80%

Audio and video services are widely used in enterprises’ daily operations. Network instability and intermittent interruption issues such as frame freezing, garbled artifacts, and unclear audio often occur. Traditionally, these issues are manually detected, delimited and located, resulting in low efficiency and usually taking more than one week to troubleshoot them. Huawei AgileCampus provides quality awareness, a first-of-its-kind technique that can locate network instability and intermittent interruption issues within seconds at an accuracy rating of up to 100%. In addition to greatly reducing the fault location time, Huawei’s quality awareness further lowers requirements for skills of IT network management personnel. 

Openness and cooperation enable flexible integration and fast innovation

Equipped with Huawei’s Agile Controller, network equipment, and Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) chips, Huawei’s AgileCampus is characterized by fully programmable control and data planes as well as an all-layer open architecture, empowering your network to quickly introduce new services and functions in software-defined mode. Huawei’s AgileCampus helps customers stay in the lead with a rapid service evolution, four times faster than that supported by traditional campus network solutions.

An all-around security system provides continuous and stable protection

Huawei’s AgileCampus implements accurate protection, as well as united and continuous security, helping build highly secure and reliable campus networks.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Excellent Experience

Guarantees anytime, anywhere consistent experience and adds business value

Simplified Management

Implements hybrid wired/wireless management, adds network visibility, and reduces management costs

Fast Innovation

Accelerates innovation, enables flexible integration, and enhances competitiveness

All-Around Protection

Builds a comprehensive security system that works 24/7/365

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