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Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution

Converged ICT Infrastructure for Safe City Systems and Intelligent Video Surveillance

The Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution combines a comprehensive set of video resources to create an unparalleled, standardized video information system under unified management.

  • It integrates traffic, urban, management, and civil defense surveillance video feeds
  • Cutting-edge technologies enable cloud computing and storage management plus intelligent video analysis
  • Handles HD video collection and transmission and display along with video codec technology

See how Huawei can give you eyes on the ground to keep things safe and save lives.

Keeping eyes on facilities and cities is a daunting task. Comprehensive safety and security requires many video feeds and a way to manage and store high volume, high-quality data.

  • Finding data: Video systems collect massive amounts of data. Quickly finding required data or video-based evidence is almost impossible without an efficient management system.
  • Storing data: Older storage systems can no longer keep up with the number of video images collected.
  • Viewing data: Low-definition video is of limited use. Modern systems require high-definition video to be truly effective.

The Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution provides video networks with the modern capabilities security and safety organizations need.

Intelligent applications:

  • Improve efficiency by quickly identifying and retrieving video, checking image quality, and detecting and reporting image faults. The solution supports up to 20 intelligent algorithms
  • Support intelligent Peripheral Units (PU) and a platform to handle pre-event prevention, during-event processing, and post-event evidence collection
  • Quickly and accurately search for video based on object features to deliver information in real-time

High security and reliability:

  • Stay secure with 7-levels of protection, delivering 99.999% reliability
  • Get efficient video buffering and multi-level networking
  • Support cloud computing with Huawei cloud clusters
  • Save money with simplified integration
  • Store more with Huawei SafeVideo technology

Improved compatibility:

  • Connect to third-party platforms with the platform interconnection engine
  • Access peripherals that comply with the ONVIF, TEYES, or SDK protocols with the PU interconnection engine
  • Connection to other service systems with the service interconnection engine

Energy efficiency:

  • Reduce the number of devices
  • Go green. Use 50% less power and installation space than old-style systems
  • Shorten deployment periods by 80% compared to similar, older systems

Find out more about Huawei’s world-class Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution. Contact a Huawei representative today.

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