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Download our Solution Book - Huawei Smart Grid Solution Portfolio

Huawei has constantly exploring and evolving the electric power system for centuries since Michael Faraday first discovered electromagnetic induction in 1831. From electromagnetic induction to Integrated Circuit (IC)-enabled digital relay protection, to power automation, and then to the latest new energy and microgrid, we are now entering a new era of 'Bits Drive Watts.'

In this new era, 'Watts' are facing many new challenges. According to the Paris Agreement, the increase in the global average temperature must be kept to below 1.5°C. As such, power companies are required to increase the use of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and hydro, to replace traditional energy. In addition, the society increasingly relies on power and, consequently, power companies must use a wider range of ICT technologies to improve the reliability of power supply. To this end, they must introduce more intelligent operations as the only path to further enhance power reliability after power lines have already been reinvented to a certain degree. Emerging power services such as Ultra High Voltage (UHV) transmission and Demand Response (DR) improve power transmission efficiency and achieve better Return On Investment (ROI). 'Watts' must be green, reliable, and efficient.

Huawei is dedicated to being the best partner and one-stop ICT solutions provider for smart grid construction. Huawei specializes in leveraging new ICT technologies, such as cloud computing, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and communications networks, to usher in a 'Bits Drive Watts' landscape. Huawei's power solutions stand out by adapting to all power scenarios through both wired and wireless coverage and using a cloud-based power IoT platform with a broad multi-vendor and multi-protocol compatibility. These solutions help customers reduce costs while increasing efficiencies. Download the solution book now to know more.

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