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ICT Insights Issue 21 (03/2017)


Platform, Ecosystem, and the Future Sharing the Success in the Era of Industrial Digital Transformation

In the era of industrial digital transformation, Huawei Enterprise Business Group’s core strategy is to invest intensively in technologies to provide innovative, differentiated, and leading ICT infrastructure, build an open, scalable, secure, and flexible platform, and work with our partners to help customers achieve digital transformation. At the Huawei Eco-Partner Conference 2017 in China, the Huawei Enterprise Business Group officially announced the ‘platform + ecosystem’ strategy.


Analytics Show the Way

Big Data and predictive analytics are on the cutting edge of Safe City technologies — and integral to public safety. Combined with connectivity, cooperation, control, and intelligence, these sources of analytics will help safeguard our cities.

The IoT in Future Electric Utility Environments

The electrical power grid will leverage IoT technologies to evolve into an active, intelligent system.

Special Report

Hand-in-Hand with the Fortune 500: On the Road to Digital Transformation

By committing to become a promoter for an intelligent digital society, Huawei provides innovative, one-stop ICT architecture platforms that establish new benchmarks for cooperative and mutually beneficial ecosystems for sharing the exploration of digital transformation best practices in partnership with leading global enterprises.

Edge Computing Will Merge Human Abilities and Intelligent Objects

The Internet of Things must share the computational load between processors located in data centers and at the network edge to provide the optimization necessary to meet the functional objectives for specific applications. Achieving this result will require a robust ecosystem of technical standards and industry solutions.

Building the Future Now with Smart City ICT

Smart Cities are designed for sustainable economic development and growth. With the right goals and a sensible approach in place, Smart City technology can pay its own way — and sooner than you think.

Orchestrating an Ecosystem of Business Partners

The principle of Huawei’s channel policy is based on collaboration and implementation to maximize the efforts of our partners and customers in promoting best-in-class solutions in the enterprise business market.

CIOs Prepare for Digital Transformation

CIOs must become digital leaders who can help their companies understand how disruptive digital transformation will be and how those disruptions create business opportunities.


Cultivating Leadership in a Post-Digital Era [Part 2 of 2]

Businesses must anticipate customer expectations and deliver differentiated experiences through new flexible technology architectures that will dominate the post-digital era.


The IoT’s Potential for Transformation

From cloud-based Big Data to low-power wireless connectivity, the usefulness of the Internet of Things is dependent upon a vast array of supporting technologies.

Disruptors Change Education Technology

The future of education will be defined by financial investments and their impact on trends in digital service platforms and distance learning curricula.


Leading the Innovation Curve

Huawei’s visionary product innovations and strong global ecosystem comprised of partners and customers ensure industry-leading advances well into the future.


Accelerating the Transition to Financial Clouds

As industry professionals rapidly reshape Information Technology, banks are incrementally adopting cloud architectures.

A Small, Smart City with Big Plans

In cooperation with GELSEN-NET and Huawei, the city of Gelsenkirchen, Germany developed a model ‘Safe City’ solution.

Core Competency

Blockchains in Mobile Networks

By transporting valuable digital assets over mobile networks in a secure and transparent framework, blockchains can speed the growth of the digital economy, deliver new services, and enhance user experiences.

Hands-On Technology

A Maturing ‘Power IoT’ Market

As the momentum of ICT continues to impact the electric power industry, the ‘Power Internet of Things’ will reshape future smart grids by enabling bidirectional communications between generation and transmission facilities, information systems, and end-user services.

Analyst Corner

Three Steps to Digital Transformation

To seize the enormous potential of digitalization, enterprises must carry out meticulous planning and effective implementation, and begin their journey into digital transformation guided by a three-step approach.

Last Word

Open Source Powers the Global Economy

No single company has the resources to create its own software, get it to market in time, and still compete. The result is that top global technology companies are leveraging open source software development for their future.