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Network Energy

You’ll find what you need in this full range of reliable, efficient, and intelligent network energy solutions. Huawei bases these solutions on its insights into ICT and your specific needs.

Integrated power electronics, digital information, network communication, and IoT technologies cover fields including data center energy, smart PV plants, and telecom energy. Huawei creates energy networks that are not only easy to operate and maintain, but also able to evolve to help you achieve maximum value.

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Telecom Energy Solution

Telecom Energy Solution overcomes high power consumption, expansion difficulties, and complex management

Smart Data Center Facilities Solution

Huawei Smart Data Center solution helps customers improve ROI, operating efficiency, and reliability

Smart PV Plant Solution

Combined PV technology with digital information and Internet technology, Huawei Smart PV Plant solution optimizes the value of your power plants and help you achieve highly-automated O&M

Enterprise Telecom Energy Solutions

Huawei telecom power helps customers rapidly deploy sites and reduces maintenance and management costs

Video Surveillance Power Supply Solution

Huawei Safe City video monitoring power supply solution for high performance, remote smart network management.

See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

Modular Data Center Stars for Phoenix TV

A Huawei Modular Data Center, assembled on site with pre-installed components, shortened deployment by 50% and was cheaper than a purpose-built center

IDS1000-A Container Data Center Strikes Gold

IDS1000-A is a containerized data center with built-in power, cooling, fire control, and security

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