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VCM5000 Series Video Content Management Platform

Is it possible to find a needle in a haystack? Intelligent Big Data analytics has the answer when building safe cities.



VCM5000 Series Video Content Management Platform

As the demand for HD video surveillance expands, cameras are increasingly deployed. A mid-sized city has approximately tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of cameras deployed. This immense system contains massive amounts of information — the video data generated in a day equals 100 billion pictures. The video collected can contain valuable information and provide evidence for incidents, facilitate fact investigation, maintain local security, prevent and counteract criminal behavior, secure property, and promote normal business operations.

Huawei Video Content Management (VCM) system provides structured video analysis based on Huawei’s leading technologies of intelligent image processing and Big Data analytics. The system provides high-performance hardware and rich algorithm integration interfaces to improve video search and synopsis efficiency.


Slot Support for 2 switch boards and 4 service boards Support for 3 switch boards and 20 service boards
Height 3U 14U
Hot-Swap Functionality Boards support hot-swap functionality Boards support hot-swap functionality
Equipment Performance
  • Intrusion detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Cross line detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Loitering detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Abandoned object detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Removed object detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Directional detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Head counting: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Crowd density detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Abnormal speed detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Path detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • License plate recognition: 72 channels (1080p)
  • Video search: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Video synopsis: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Intrusion detection: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Cross line detection: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Loitering detection: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Abandoned object detection: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Removed object detection: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Directional detection: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Head counting: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Crowd density detection: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Abnormal speed detection: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Path detection: 816 channels (1080p)
  • License plate recognition: 459 channels (1080p)
  • Video search: 816 channels (1080p)
  • Video synopsis: 816 channels (1080p)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 442 mm x 675 mm x 130.5 mm 442 mm x 675 mm x 618.5 mm
Weight ≤ 48 Kg ≤ 235 Kg
Power Consumption ≤ 2,000W ≤ 8,000W

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