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VCM5010 Video Content Management Platform

The VCM5010 video content management platform is an integrated device for Big Data analytics that supports efficient analysis, high-density design, flexible networking, and elastic capacity expansion. A single device supports 96 concurrent channels of intelligent analysis to achieve ultra-fast video synopsis, fast video search, license plate recognition, behavior analysis, and video enhancement.

Based on intelligent images and Big Data analytics, the Huawei Video Content Management (VCM) platform improves the efficiency of video investigation, enhances the capability of service collaboration, and helps the police to crack cases.

Intelligent, efficient, and open

  • Abnormal behavior analysis, meeting intelligent requirements in key surveillance scenarios
  • License plate and in-depth vehicle recognition, implementing physical checkpoint functions and deploying surveillance flexibility
  • Video synopsis and search, facilitating the fast extraction of valuable information
  • Ultra-fast download of networked video at 160 Gbit/s bandwidth, meeting business requirements
  • 8 CPUs (Intel Xeon E5-2658 v2) for parallel processing, handling video data structuring
  • Carrier-class 99.999% reliability, meeting requirements of 24/7 extremely efficient O&M
  • Open SDK interfaces, enabling integration with upper-layer application software
  • Open southbound interfaces, integrating third-party intelligent analysis algorithms and meeting customers’ customization requirements



Support for 2 switch boards and 4 service boards



Hot Swap Functionality

Boards support hot swap functionality

Equipment Performance

  • Intrusion detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Cross line detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Loitering detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Abandoned object detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Removed object detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Directional detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Head counting: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Crowd density detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Abnormal speed detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Path detection: 96 channels (1080p)
  • License plate recognition: 72 channels (1080p)
  • Video search: 96 channels (1080p)
  • Video synopsis: 96 channels (1080p)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

442 mm x 675 mm x 130.5 mm


≤ 48 kg

Power Consumption

≤ 2,000W


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