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For a wide variety of applications and network sizes, from cloud data centers to campus networks


Latest and Greatest

  • Huawei's AI Fabric Ultra-High-Speed Ethernet Takes Home Interop Tokyo Best of Show Award

    Networking performance with zero packet loss, low latency, and high throughput

  • Huawei Positioned as a Leader in SDN Data Center Hardware Platforms

    Huawei is recognized as a leader by Forrester with top scores in current offering, strategy and market presence categories in The Forrester Wave™: Hardware Platforms For Software-Defined Networking, Q1 2018.

  • Huawei Agile Switches Ideal for Intent-Driven Campus Networks

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  • Campus Switches

  • Data Center Switches

  • Network Analyzers

  • Network Controllers

Campus Switches
Next-generation smart core, aggregation, and access switches for enterprise campus networks, allowing for flexible networking.

Chassis Switches

  • S12700 Series Agile Switches
    Terabit-core Agile Switches used for enterprise campus networks:  

    Enable smooth migration to Software-Defined Networking  Provide fully programmable wired and wireless convergence
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  • S9700 Series Terabit Routing Switches
    Energy-efficient 100 GE platforms for high-performance L2/L3-layer switching and routing in large-scale campus environments. High-density 10 GE and 40 GE ports create a fully programmable Agile Switch.
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  • S7700 Series Smart Routing Switches

    Switches run on a versatile 100 GE platform with the Huawei Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) that provides multi-service routing and switching:

    Fully programmable Agile Switch Converged network for campus networks and core layer of data centers
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Fixed Switches

  • S6720-HI Series Agile Fixed Switches
    Fixed agile switches that can be used by enterprise campuses, carriers, universities, and government networks. Agile features and fully programmable architecture implement software-defined functions and on-demand service changes. Native ACs manage APs.
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  • S6720-EI Series Next-Generation Enhanced 10 GE Switches
    High-capacity 10 GE switches with 40 Gbit/s QSFP+ ports, ideal for high-density 10 Gbit/s server access in data centers or IDCs, or as core switches for enterprise campus networks.
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  • S6720-SI Series Multi-Gigabit Switches
    These next-generation multi-gigabit 10 GE fixed switches can provide access for high-speed wireless devices and 10G data center servers, and can serve as campus network access/aggregation switches.
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  • S6720-LI Series Simplified 10 GE Switches
    These are the newest-generation, simplified 10 GE fixed switches. They can be used as access switches for campus and data center networks.
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  • S5730-HI Series Next-Generation Agile Switches
    Huawei S5730-HI series are next-generation agile switches that provide fixed all-gigabit access and 10GE uplink ports and have expansion slots for more uplink ports. They use an ENP full-programmability architecture and provide software-defined functions to meet changing service needs. They are ideal for the aggregation/access layers on large to midsize campus networks and the core layer on campus branch and small campus networks.
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  • S5730-SI Series Standard Gigabit Ethernet Switches
    Gigabit Ethernet switches for high-density, GE Layer 3 switching provide the flexibility needed for campus or data center access networks. They include Gigabit access, fixed GE/10 GE/40 GE uplink ports, and intelligent iStack clustering. 
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  • S5720-HI Series Agile Fixed Switches
    Industry’s first fixed-configuration agile switch with a fully programmable architecture acts as the core of branch and large campus networks. It provides new services on demand for scalable and highly reliable enterprise networks.
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  • S5720-EI Series Next-Generation Enhanced Gigabit Switches
    Flexible, gigabit Ethernet switches with 10 GE upstream ports for resilient iStack clustering and service processing. They are used as access and aggregation switches in enterprise campus networks, or high-density gigabit access switches in data centers.
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  • S5720-SI Series Standard Gigabit Ethernet Switches
    Gigabit Ethernet switches for high-density GE L3 switching: 10 Gbit/s upstream ports and intelligent iStack clustering provide scalability; comprehensive service features and IPv6 forwarding provide flexible switching for enterprise campus networks.
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  • S5720I-SI Series Switches with Extended Temperature Range

    Huawei S5720I-SI series are standard Layer 3 gigabit switches that provide flexible all-gigabit access and cost-effective fixed GE ports and 10GE uplink ports. They support an industry-grade temperature range and have strong outdoor surge protection to withstand harsh outdoor cabinet environments. They can be widely used in Safe City and ETTx access scenarios.

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  • S5720-LI Series Simplified Gigabit Ethernet Switches
    This energy-saving gigabit Ethernet switch provides flexible GE access ports and 10 GE uplink ports. It includes iStack, flexible Ethernet networking, and diversified security control.

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  • S5720S-LI Series Simplified Gigabit Ethernet Switches
    Resilient Gigabit Ethernet switches with 10 Gbit/s upstream ports; ideal for use as access or aggregation switches in a campus network. Only sold in certain countries and regions as part of Huawei’s channel distribution products.
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  • S5700-HI Series Advanced Gigabit Switches
    Advanced Gigabit Ethernet switches provide L2 and L3 switching for data centers and enterprise networks, flexible Ethernet networking options and intelligent iStack virtualization, end-to-end VPN tunnels, and mature IPv6 features.
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  • S5700-SI Series Standard Gigabit Switches
    Versatile, energy-efficient Gigabit switches with 10 Gbit/s uplink ports; highly scalable with iStack technology and flexible Ethernet networking options; comprehensive onboard security and user authentication features; IPv6 support.
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  • S5700-LI Series Simplified Gigabit Switches

    Resilient Ethernet switches with 24 Gbit/s or 48 Gbit/s downstream ports and 10 Gbit/s upstream ports; highly efficient cooling and patented device sleeping technology conserve power and enable high-density build-out; optional lithium-oxide battery backup power.

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  • S3700 Series Enterprise Switches

    100 Mbit/s Ethernet switches for aggregation and access to enterprise campus networks; enhanced (EI) models support IP multicasting and more complex routing protocols (OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP).

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  • S2720-EI Series Enterprise Switches

    100 Mbit/s Ethernet switches with GE upstream ports; iStack clustering for easy scalability and enhanced Layer 3 service processing capabilities; ideal for use as access switches in a campus network.

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More Fixed Switches

CloudEngine Series Data Center Switches
CloudEngine series switches offer carrier-grade reliability, virtualization support, iStack clustering, and Software-Defined Networking features for building and scaling data centers and campus networks. They provide versatility and resilient performance for server-based multimedia applications, Big Data analytics, and cloud computing.

Core Switches

  • Huawei CloudEngine 12800 Series Switches

    CloudEngine 12800 series switches are next-generation, high-performance core switches designed for data center networks and high-end campus networks. These switches provide stable, reliable, secure, and high-performance Layer 2/Layer 3 switching services to help build an elastic, virtualized, agile, and high-quality network.

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  • Huawei CloudEngine 12800E Series Switches
    This high-performance switch series supports precise O&M with an active probe for network path/connectivity, real-time monitoring of network health, and intelligent fault location. Capacity of 536 Tbit/s to 1,032 Tbit/s per switch. 

Fixed Access Switches

  • Huawei CloudEngine 8800 Series Switches
    CE8800 series switches are core/aggregation switches for data centers and high-end campus networks. They provide reliable, high-density ports and high-performance stacking. Open APIs provide flexible networking and Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) makes deployment quick and easy.

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  • Huawei CloudEngine 7800 Series Switches
    A new generation of high-performance, high-density, low-latency 40 GE Ethernet switches with 40 GE QSFP+ ports that can be split into 10 GE ports. iStack clustering and the TRILL protocol scale up data center networking. Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) makes deployment quick and easy.
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  • Huawei CloudEngine 6800 Series Switches
    High-performance, high-density, low-latency 10 GE/25 GE Ethernet switches provide amazing data center features and high-performance stacking in one Top-of-Rack (ToR) unit. VXLAN and Layer 2 and 3 features provide a high-performance hardware gateway, while Huawei’s Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) forwards data on the lead switch.

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  • Huawei CloudEngine 5800 Series Switches
    High-density Gigabit Ethernet switches with 40 GE/100 GE uplinks offer network scaling with iStack clustering technology and the TRILL protocol. Huawei’s Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) forwards data, while Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) makes deployment quick and easy and enables network customization and automated O&M.
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More Fixed Access Switches

Virtual Switch

  • CloudEngine 1800V
    Designed for virtualized environments in cloud data centers, this switch provides high-performance forwarding, open architecture, and enhanced security protection. It runs on multiple platforms such as Huawei FusionSphere, VMware ESXi, and open source platforms that support VMs, containers, and physical servers.
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FabricInsight: Data Center Intelligent Analyzer

FabricInsight is an intelligent analysis platform for the data center network. Based on Telemetry and Big Data analysis technologies, the platform offers visible network applications analysis at service data flows to break the boundaries between applications and networks.

Visible applications and networks to identify faults in seconds Precise fault playback searches terabytes in seconds Assessment on actual network to actively predict risks.
  • CampusInsight: Campus Network Analyzer

    CampusInsight is able to manage network quality automatically through dynamic collection of data and provide a full view of the whole process to analyze and determine faults using AI for active and predictive O&M.

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Agile Controller-DCN

Agile Controller-DCN is Huawei’s new-generation data center network controller. The controller core components are able to control and schedule network resources in a unified method and deploy services automatically.

Automatic deployment: Builds networks with zero deployment Automatic provisioning: Sets up networks in minutes Automatic management: Shows multiple dimensions using a unified interface
  • Agile Controller-Campus

    The Agile Controller-Campus is Huawei’s next-generation controller for campus and branch networks. Used in multiple innovative solutions, such as automatic network deployment, policy automation, and SD-WAN, the Agile Controller-Campus reduces Operating Expenses (OPEX) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs of enterprises, accelerates service cloudification and digital transformation, and makes network management more agile and network O&M more intelligent.

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Why Huawei Switches?

  • Diversified Products and Solutions

    Huawei provides the most complete portfolio of data center network and campus products, supporting customers business requirements for digital transformation and enabling their rapid growth of virtualization, Big Data, and cloud services.

  • Extensive Customer Cases

    Huawei switches have been deployed for enterprises in more than 150 countries and are widely used in sectors such as finance, Internet, retail, education, manufacturing, and public services. Huawei’s data center network and wired and wireless convergence solutions are rated as Challenger and Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, respectively.

  • Many Global Channels and Localized Services

    Huawei switches support tens of thousands of channels and partners in 150 countries, providing innovative switch solutions in all industries and localized services.

Find the Right Solution

  • 0102

    CloudFabric Cloud Data Center Network Solution

    With an open architecture and unified GUIs, delivery networks are highly integrated and automated. Operation efficiency is improved as each application interaction data flow is learned. Customers manage and optimize the local data center and cloud environments, to reshape user experience and enable service agility.

  • 0202

    Enterprise Campus Network Solution

    Huawei CloudCampus Solution, ideal for enterprise campus networks, has adopted a new philosophy of Intent-Driven Network (IDN). By introducing Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into cloud and SDN deployments, Huawei CloudCampus is helping enterprises build future-proof networks that are intelligent, simplified, secure, and open.

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