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Network Security

Introducing AI-based threat response, software-defined network-security defense, and intelligent security policy optimization, Huawei network security helps mitigate network security risks as customers go digital.


Select the Best Product for Your Business

  • Firewall and Application Security Gateway

  • DDoS Protection Systems

  • Anti-APT Based on Big Data Analysis

USG6600 Next-Generation Firewall

Next-generation firewalls for medium and large enterprises providing high-performance security and service acceleration.

AntiDDoS8000 DDoS Protection Systems

High-performance, expandable platforms, which provide non-stop protection against hundreds of DDoS attacks for carriers, large-scale enterprises, Internet data centers, and ISPs.

Anti-APT Based on Big Data Analysis

Huawei APT Defense Solution provides anomaly detection models to detect the entire attack process.

Why Huawei?

  • AI-based Proactive Detection

    making networks far less susceptible to attacks, shifting protection from passive to active defense with the threat detection rate of higher than 95%.

  • Network-integrated Security

    eliminating network security risks comprehensively, shifting from node protection to network protection, ensuring minimal losses.

  • Business-driven Automatic O&M

    automatically generate and deploy business-driven security policies, helping enterprises and carriers go beyond manual O&M to intelligent O&M.

Find the Right Network Security Solution

  • 0103

    Cloud Data Center Security Solution

    The solution flexibly, simply, and efficiently provides comprehensive security protection for data center network borders, virtualization layers, and tenants.
    On-demand elasticity reduces operational complexity and shortens the virtual network deployment process.
    Security virtualization flexibly meets requirements of different tenants.
    Intelligent defense and comprehensive security posture awareness accurately display the security panorama.
    Unified management of physical and virtual resources and dynamic security policies shortens service rollout and service interruption.

  • 0203

    Campus Network Security Solution

    This solution builds a comprehensive security defense system for campus networks and provides multi-dimensional and stable security protection.
    Precise defense: Powerful knowledge base/reputation database system and intelligent policy definition
    Network-wide collaboration: Big Data-based unknown threat prevention and security posture awareness
    Continuous security: Continuous analysis of global live-network traffic to quickly respond to zero-day attacks

  • 0303

    Branch Security Solution

    For enterprises that have many branch offices, this solution simplifies management while protecting security and reliability with integrated security capabilities, secure tunnel backup, and strong user device authentication.

More Network Security Solutions

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    Anti-APT and Big Data Security Solution

    Huawei’s APT defense and Big Data security solution uses a Big Data system to collect network-wide information, perform multi-dimensional assessments, accurately identify APT attacks, and effectively prevent the attacks from compromising core information assets.

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