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SWS (Czech)

SWS a.s. is the top Czech distributor of information technologies. It focuses on the B2B business model, and since its establishment in 1991, it has been one of the biggest software and hardware distributors in the Czech Republic. SWS a.s. provides its business partners with an extensive portfolio of hardware and software products from more than 250 producers worldwide. It is the exclusive distributor of a lot of brands. In its business activities, SWS a.s. emphasizes services to business partners, optimization of logistics, and the diversity of its range. SWS a.s. strives to make its customers satisfied not only with its services, but also with the overall operation of SWS a.s. on the market. The main priority rests in long-term relationships with business partners, which are really perceived as partners and respected as such by SWS a.s. SWS a.s. also expresses this in its slogan, "Distributor at Your Service".

Contact information

Phone: +420 222 745 631
Address: SWS a.s. - Pobočka Praha, Uhříněveská 1227/4, 100 00 Praha 10