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LOUKILCOM, a subsidiary of LOUKIL's Group, specializes in two business areas: ​​communication technologies and electricity distribution. Based on its experience with several telecom operators, LOUKILCOM Tunisia has expertise in engineering, deployment and integration of telecommunications networks. The partnership with several suppliers, leaders in the international market of telecommunications and technology equipments, enabled LOUKILCOM to develop and meet customer expectations in Tunisia and in Africa.

LOUKILCOM offers up-dated solutions for telecommunications operators and IP technologies for companies looking to develop a high level of communication infrastructure. In this field of IP technologies, LOUKILCOM Operates as a distributer of IP convergence solutions with added value (known IP Voice, computer network security, audit networks), guaranteeing the quality of services, reliability and vresponsiveness.

Contact information

Telephone: +216-71 80 88 66
Fax: +216-71 77 30 60
Address: 28, Rue 8600 - Z.I. La Charguia 2035 Tunis, Tunisia