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Huawei Data Center Facility Conference Europe 2016: 4 Huawei Data Center Facility Products Become the Cynosure

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[Frankfurt, Germany, June 29, 2016]

From June 27 to June 28, the Huawei Data Center Facility Conference Europe 2016 was held in Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany. The conference lasted two days during which industry experts, end users, and partners from Europe shared their insights on the opportunities and challenges in the new ICT era.

The era of big data demands massive data center construction. The traditional data center construction mode has become a handicap, and modular data center construction is gaining popularity. In recent years, Huawei has invested heavily in the data center industry, aiming to provide global customers with simple, reliable, and efficient data center solutions. In the Conference, Huawei showcased its excellent data center solutions. In the summit, Sanjay Kumar Sainani, the Vice President of the Huawei Middle East Data Center Marketing & Solution Sales Department, shared ideas about how to build a future-oriented data center by making the most of limited resources, and introduced four leading-edge data center infrastructure products.

Huawei released leading data center facility products

UPS5000-S: Efficiency up to 97.5% Even at Low Load Ratio

The data center industry is energy intensive. Energy conservation and emission reduction have always been key concerns. To build more efficient and greener UPS products, Huawei looks at every component, module, and system for optimization. With each component tuned to its best, the Huawei modular UPS5000-S has the highest efficiency (up to 97.5% even at low load ratio) in the industry. The UPS5000-S is a significant milestone in the way for cutting data center energy consumption.

To further reduce data center energy consumption, the Huawei UPS can reach its optimal efficiency when the load ratio is 40%. Compared with mainstream high-frequency UPS products in the industry, the Huawei UPS considerably cuts the energy cost for customers. Each module of the UPS5000-S has a power density up to 50 kVA/3 U, which is two times higher than mainstream products. This reduces the Huawei UPS footprint by more than 50%.

UPS5000-E Battery Integrated Solution

For traditional small-to-medium sized data center, the operation and maintenance are usually complex and costly, and power supply and distribution devices take up too much space. Compared with the traditional design of UPS plus batteries, the newly-launched Huawei UPS5000-E Battery Integrated solution features a redundant modular design, and includes the power modules, bypass modules, control modules, and battery modules, cutting the footprint by more than 50%. The battery modules are preinstalled and can be quickly deployed onsite, shortening the data center construction period. Each UPS module has efficiency up to 96.5%. The efficiency is high even at a low load ratio. Batteries are monitored intelligently in real time, making prewarnings before accidents occur. The UPS can run unattended, and the maintenance is simple, greatly cutting the personnel cost. The UPS5000-E Battery Integrated solution consists of one cabinet with N+1 module configurations. It can provide a power up to 75 kVA and power backup time up to five minutes at full load.

In general, the UPS5000-E Battery Integrated solution is ideal for small-to-medium sized data centers, and features rapid deployment, simple maintenance, and low operation cost compared with traditional power supply and distribution devices.

IDS800&500: Small- and Micro-Module Data Centers with Innovative Architecture

Inheriting the design philosophy of "simple, reliable, and efficient" of the Huawei intelligent micro-module data center, the Huawei IDS800 &500 intelligent integrated cabinet solution features an innovative all-in-one cabinet design, and provides a one-stop equipment room solution for small-to-medium sized data centers.

The Huawei IDS800 small-sized data center features a brand new construction mode, and truly makes the solution as a product. By using innovative rack-mounted high-density variable frequency air conditioners and integrating power distribution, UPS, monitoring, and air conditioners in one cabinet, the IDS800 converges the four core system of a data center, and provides a new construction mode for data centers. It is ideal for financial subsidiaries and branches, educational institutions, hospitals, public security bureaus, small-to-medium sized enterprises, and commercial retail stores.

The IDS500 micro data center features the all-in-one design, and integrates power distribution, UPS, monitoring, and power backup. With all components prefabricated, preinstalled, and commissioned before delivery, the IDS500 can be quickly deployed. In addition, the Huawei network management system can be configured to centrally monitor and manage multiple sites.

IDS1000-A: Prefabricated All-in-One Data Center Solution

In the summit, Huawei released the new generation of prefabricated All-In-One IDS1000-A container data center. In addition to merits of its predecessor All-in-One data center solution which features a short deployment period, low PUE, and quakeproof performance up to Mercalli intensity scale IX, the new IDS1000-A container data center has a whole lot of other values. With a built-in efficient Huawei site power system, the new container data center can be used as an outdoor communications equipment room. The brand-new power supply structure meets the requirements of UPTIME TIER3. Optional IP65 protection is available for harsh environments. The fireproof performance is up to UL120 minutes. The risk of fire is minimized thanks to the Huawei iBattery intelligent battery management technology. Variable frequency air conditioners and the Freecooling direct ventilation technology are used, significantly lowering the PUE. Onsite installation can be finished within one week.

The new generation of IDS1000-A All-in-One container data center solution has unique advantages in scenarios such as disaster relief, military affairs, oil exploitation, survey, and enterprise data services. It can also be directly deployed outdoors as network infrastructure to helps enterprise telecom operators and Internet operators rapidly build data centers.

Huawei is dedicated to providing customers with the best data center solutions. Recently, the famous consulting company ICTresearch released the 2015–2016 Annual Market Report for China Modular Data Center Products which provides an in-depth analysis on the competition and development trend of the industry market. According to the report, Huawei continues to be the leader in the China region in 2015, with a market share ranked No. 1. Huawei will stick to open cooperation and continue to invest on innovation. It is the unchanged goal of Huawei to provide customers with future-oriented data center solutions and help customers win out in the era of big data.