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Modular Data Center Stars for Phoenix TV

2013/7/25 16:05:02


Phoenix New Media (PNM) is a global, new media company with an integrated platform consisting of an Internet portal mobile channel, and video channel along with broadcast TV channels in Hong Kong and other Asian locations.

Key Challenges

To support the business expansion into mainland China, PNM intended to build a new, high-quality data center equipment room that would adhere to the "green, energy-saving, and high-efficiency" concepts and serve as a converged, innovative platform model that PNM would use to construct future-proof data centers throughout the company. In addition, the new data center equipment room would need to be deployed and put to use quickly.

PNM faced many construction challenges, including:

  • Short project duration
  • Equipment room construction and device deployment needed to be completed within three months.

  • Difficult construction and high expansion capability demands
  • To allow for fast business growth, the new data center would need to offer multiple network transmission modes and physical interfaces. Technology and device upgrades had to provide smooth scaling to support fast-growing technologies and protect investment.

  • Centralized management and energy-saving requirements
  • To reduce OPEX, the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) had to be lower than 1.6.

  • Requirements for a professional appearance
  • The equipment room needed to be orderly and aesthetically pleasing, to provide an excellent media example to the public.


In response to PNM's demands, Huawei offered a modular data center solution that provided the following compelling features:

  • Quick deployment
  • Components would be pre-made in the factory and quickly assembled on site, shortening the deployment period by 50 percent and accelerating service rollout.

  • Free of site limitations
  • Huawei's modular data center solution could be easily deployed on concrete floors or ESD-protection floors, with few site limitations.

  • Smooth service expansion
  • To support smooth service expansion, Huawei's modular data center solution has the following design elements:

  • Modular components and unified interface standards
  • Flexible expansion of modules deployed in dual-rack mode
  • Support for smooth upgrade of the power density from 3 kW to 25 kW (higher than the industry average power density) for a single cabinet
  • Centralized management
  • A comprehensive monitoring system would support the following:

  • Remote and local monitoring of cabinet energy consumption
  • Alarm reporting, in case of alarm occurrence
  • Monitoring of IT devices
  • Comprehensive equipment room layout and design
  • A modular equipment room contains various facilities, such as server cabinets, End Of Rows (EORs), and precise air-conditioning. Huawei's layout and design would incorporate the following principles:

  • Separation of the manual operation area from the device area
  • Modular design of the production and Office Automation (OA) equipment rooms based on the new service demands, functionality requirements, building construction, and investment costs (an equipment room is divided into the primary equipment room, power supply room, and operation room)

Customer Benefits

  • PNM deployed the new data center within the planned three months, smoothly deployed and upgraded the IT systems, and launched services as scheduled.
  • The modular data center solution imposes few requirements on deployment environments, such as ceiling height and ESD protection. As a result, PNM was able to build a data center in a common office building at reduced costs and improved schedule.
  • A unified monitoring system was set up to monitor the running status of all devices in the equipment room. This system sends the collected device statistics to the data center administrator, simplifying maintenance.
  • The modular equipment room is delivered by the supplier as a whole, facilitating subsequent maintenance.
  • The modular data center solution is easy to scale. PNM does not need to make a five-year scalability plan. Instead, it can perform periodic and fixed capacity expansions on demand, requiring little network construction.
  • The modular data center is professional and aesthetically pleasing, ideal for presenting a professional and attractive appearance to the media and the public.