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Huawei Cloud Data Centers Empower South Africa EMM’s Critical Services to Achieve Zero Downtime

2016/9/7 0:00:00


Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) is the third largest city in South Africa and covers an area exceeding 2,000 square meters with a population of approximately 2 million. As one of Gauteng province’s five districts, the city is secure as a manufacturing hub and the second largest industrial area in South Africa. EMM provides a large number of public services for its customers, including water, electricity, transportation, social services, public security, and sporting events. 


  • Zero data loss in core service systems: EMM has 30+ core applications and database service systems. Ensuring zero data loss in the event of a stoppage across an entire data center is paramount. 
  • Zero service interruptions even when data center failures occur: The customer requires automatic fault detection and switchover in both databases and VM services for easy O&M with no increase in manpower. 
  • Reduced server costs and even faster deployment 


  • Active-active architecture for same-city applications: Uses VIS + OceanStor 6800 V3 + FusionSphere DR architecture and deploys Oracle RAC across regions to achieve active-active at the database layer. 
  • Active-standby architecture for remote applications: Uses OceanStor 6800 V3 storage-based replication + FusionSphere UltraVR. 
  • Visualized management: Employs an internally-developed DR management platform that monitors health status in real-time and offers one-click automatic switchover between remote active-standby applications. 


  • Active-active DR for core systems and active-standby DR for remote applications ensure zero data loss and service downtime while providing the most robust guarantee in service continuity. 
  • The visualization platform contains 90% of running services, boosting operational efficiency while reducing power consumption. 
  • Complete DR views and automatic switchovers reduce O&M costs and lower maintenance requirements.

“We are looking at many possible outcomes in the years to come and that requires a trustworthy and reliable partner to implement our strategies and realize mutually beneficial results. Huawei is exactly the partner we have been looking for. We are eager to partner with Huawei to remain on the cutting-edge of technology.”

— EMM CIO Kiruben Pillay