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Centralized Network Management System M2000

Huawei’s intelligent network element management solution centralizes Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of GSM-R railway communications. It provides a unified network management platform, enhanced O&M, and improved management of mobile network elements.

Huawei’s version of iManager monitors and configures software and hardware over the network. It supports long-term network evolution and convergent network technologies.

This cost-effective solution provides open interfaces for third-party products and other vendors and can interwork with devices manufactured by multiple mainstream vendors.

An intelligent, centralized O&M system in Huawei’s GSM-R solution provides long-term network evolution and convergent network technologies

  • Open, centralized structure supports smooth network evolution to eLTE
  • M2000 masks differences between radio network systems so that customers can retain their “intelligent O&M” experience
  • Standard CORBA, SNMP, file, and character streaming interfaces enable the M2000 to successfully interwork with devices provided by multiple mainstream industry vendors


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