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Serving GPRS Support Node USN9810

This Unified Service Node (USN) lets you start with a 2G or 3G GSM-R system and gradually upgrade to 4G eLTE — minimizing CAPEX in your mobile Packet-Switched (PS) network.

The USN9810 is a core network product for PS services on GSM-R networks that handles the delivery of data packets to and from the mobile stations in its service area.

With excellent performance, the USN9810 helps prevent the traffic storms common to mobile broadband. The system’s high reliability helps eliminate any single point of failure in the network and prevent service disruptions.

GSM-R unified service node for packet-switched services enables smooth upgrade to eLTE

  • The USN9810 ensures reliability through automatic backup of important data, operation security, hardware redundancy, comprehensive exception protection functions, and system overload control. 
  • A high-density ATCA architecture for multi-core processors maximizes processing efficiency.
  • Hardware built on Huawei’s OSTA 2.0 platform features high service rates, high availability, and easy scalability.




Maximum Subscribers


Maximum Carriers


Number of eNodeBs


Number of S-GWs and P-GWs



< 400 kg (full configuration)


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