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Softswitch GTSOFTX3000

This Mobile Switching Center (MSC) server is an integrated, customizable GSM-R solution that can meet the needs of railway operators and networks around the world. Secure and reliable, it is easy to maintain, operate, and manage.

It provides services on a traditional GSM-R network that range from basic, to supplementary, to value-added, as required by railway operators. It controls calls and manages the communication of mobile stations within mobile networks. In addition, its standards-based architecture supports fast and flexible introduction of new services.

What’s more, it can access packet-switched networks directly, making it easy to construct GSM-R networks.

An integrated, customizable solution that controls calls and manages communications among mobile stations

  • Uses the advanced OSTA2.0 hardware platform and standards-based architecture
  • Features high transmission rates, processing capability, and availability, plus easy scalability and management
  • Reliability design methods include active/standby boards, load-sharing, and redundancy configuration
  • MSC pool networking and dual homing provide MSC-level disaster recovery and improve network reliability




Maximum Number of UEs Supported by the MSC

300,000 (0.05 ERL per UE)

Maximum Number of MGWs that the MSC can Control


Maximum Number of Supported RNCs


Maximum Number of Supported BSCs


Power Input

Rated voltage: -48V DC

Voltage range: -40V to -57V

System Availability (A)

≥ 99.99953%

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

≥ 24 years (full configuration)

≥ 42 years (single subrack)

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

≤ 1 hour (excluding the preparation time)


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