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EV750 Vehicle Radio

The EV750 Emergency Vehicle (EV) mobile radio integrates LTE broadband with trunking services for use in eLTE trunked radio networks. It provides voice-only trunking, video, data, SMS, and MMS communications, as well as integrated video and GPS services in a single device.

Ideal for first responders and field operatives. Mounts easily on all vehicle types, including ferries, trucks, and police and fire vehicles. Supports HD video transmission and multimedia dispatch. Also functions as a Wi-Fi access point.

Get equipped with the world’s first LTE trunking vehicle radio — from Huawei.

Put the power of eLTE multimedia communications to work on-site and in the field

  • Multiple-function terminal handles private calls, group calls, SMS, MMS, video uploads, and location services; GPS positioning gives vehicle location within 10m in open terrain
  • Multiband connectivity with customized fast frequencies ensure coverage; up to 8W audio output power keeps voice quality loud and clear
  • Rugged design includes 2.4-inch semi-transparent, semi-reflective TFT screen and tough Gorilla Glass surface
  • Multiple-function expansion interface enables attachment of devices such as USB/FE cameras for challenging environments or public safety
  • Remote terminal management and upgrades provide flexibility and security





Frequency Band


1.8 GHz frequency band: 1,785 MHz to 1,805 MHz

1.4 GHz frequency band: 1,447 MHz to 1,467 MHz


800 MHz frequency band: 832 MHz to 862 MHz uplink;

791 MHz to 821 MHz downlink

 TDD 400 MHz frequency band: 380 MHz to 470 MHz

Transmission Power

1.8 GHz frequency band: 25 ±2 dBm

1.4 GHz frequency band: 25 ±2 dBm

800 MHz frequency band: 25 ±2 dBm

DMO: 30 ±2 dBm

400 MHz frequency band: 27 ±2 dBm
DMO: 30 ±2 dBm


1.8 GHz frequency band: 5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz

1.4 GHz frequency band: 5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz

800 MHz frequency band: 5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz

 400 MHz frequency band: 3 MHz/5 MHz/10 MHz/20 MHz


Control head: 67 mm x 187 mm x 40 mm

Transceiver only: 50 mm x 170 mm x 140 mm


≤ 2,000g


Maximum power 20W (power output from multi-function interface not included)

Power Supply

12V DC (Input: 10.8V to 16.6V)

Power-off protection

Power supplied by storage battery when the ACC signal is detected

Operating Temperature

–20°C to +60°C

Protection Level



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