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Dispatching System

Delivers wideband trunking dispatching services with efficient voice, data, and video communications. A critical component for public safety, traffic, energy, and similar organizations that depend on a reliable, high-performance dispatching system. Ensures timely information-sharing for decision-making and rapid command transmissions.

Interfaces with upper-layer applications to provide smooth application migration or low-cost application development by enterprises and partners.

You can base every crucial decision and command on accurate, real-time video, voice, and data communications with the eLTE trunking dispatching system.

A reliable trunking dispatching platform that enables decision-makers to transmit commands and communicate critical, time-sensitive information

  • Supports voice, Push-To-Talk, video, images, and text for different application requirements such as vehicle-mounted or small, medium, and large networks
  • Remotely configures terminal configurations and dispatches console management of all policies, including user permissions
  • Provides other powerful functions such as map-based terminal selection and dynamic regrouping
  • Interoperates with a wide variety of networks and devices such as PSTN, GSM, Wi-Fi, TETRA, MT1327, as well as satellite networks and devices







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Huawei Tecal RH2288H


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