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SCC800 Smart Site Management Unit

The SCC800 Smart Site Management Unit monitors power and applies advanced ICT technology to realize site digitization and meticulous management. It helps to build a high reliability telecom energy network.

The SCC800 features a modular design, composed of main control, sensor access, intelligent device access, network interface and D.G. access modules, and more. It provides data acquisition, analysis processing, intelligent dispatch, and more for intelligent equipment, non-intelligent equipment, and the environment.

Simple, efficient, reliable, and smart site management

  • Simple: Multiple physical interfaces offer easy access to different network elements such as AI, DI, DO, RS232/RS484, CAN, and FE. The modular design enables smooth expansion and easy maintenance; modules include main control, sensor access, intelligent device access, network interface, and D.G. access. Huawei power supports an integrated SCC800 function
  • Efficient: Supports App to debug and test sites for efficient site deployment and maintenance
  • Reliable: HTTPS encryption for network security prevents hacker attacks, records important logs and makes sure important issues are traceable, supports data storage and data re-transfer to ensure data integrity

Product Type SCC800
Mechanical Parameters Dimensions (W x D x H) 482.6 mm x 330 mm x 43.6 mm
Weight 4 kg
Input Voltage -36V to -60V AC
Power Consumption 10W


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