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iManager NetEco Site Energy Management System

The Huawei iManager NetEco energy infrastructure management platform provides accurate O&M management. It is especially effective due to its optimal use of digitalization and interconnection technologies. It ensures smooth communication and an end-to-end high-efficiency network with minimal OPEX.

Simple, efficient, and reliable site energy management

Simple: Easy to construct (site data acquisition unit without SCADA solution); easy to deploy (automatic discovery of site controller, automatic configuration, plug-and-play); easy to use (complete B/S structure, O&M anytime and anywhere)
Efficient: End-to-end energy management, pre-warning of abnormal power consumption, optimization advice; efficient O&M support (smart fault locating, troubleshooting guide, closed loop O&M database)
Reliable: Dependable power (proactive O&M, health management for diesel generators and batteries, timely identification of unhealthy or abnormal power sources); security and refined O&M (smart anti-theft; reminders of maintenance schedules, refueling, and audits; diesel generator operation audit); 'sensor-component-system-entire network' self-diagnosis


Server platform

Network element
management capacity 

Number of concurrent login clients

Small-scale server, such as 2-disk RH2288H V3 



Medium-scale server, such as 4-disk RH2288H V3 



Large-scale server, such as RH5885




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