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eSight Video Surveillance Manager

Commodity hardware and digital video equipment have enabled an amazing wave of visual data collection and security applications, leading to unique O&M challenges. Video data is typically collected and viewed in real time, processed by specialized computer-vision and machine-learning applications, streamed and recorded in various formats.

Huawei’s eSight Video Surveillance Manager provides comprehensive network, video equipment, and video data management capabilities integrated with the eSight UMP, to help bring the benefits of real-time video surveillance and security systems to the enterprise.

Leverage digital video and visual computing technologies for industrial process control and security applications managed by Huawei’s eSight Video Surveillance Manager

Key Features

Video Stream Tracking
Collects detailed information for analyzing video streams in real time by camera and location, and for various services such as live viewing, recording, playback, downloading, and fault analysis
Video Surveillance Data Analysis
Monitors and collects performance data including camera online rates, hard disk faults, and packet loss rate of video streams; provides key O&M statistics for live video channels and playback operations, to help administrators ensure performance and high availability
Powerful Device Management Connects to standards-based video surveillance devices from multiple vendors — Network Video Recorders (NVRs), Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Digital Video Servers (DVSs), digital cameras, and IP cameras — enabling efficient management and maintenance


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