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eSight Network Traffic Analyzer

Powerful network traffic analytics tool for use in monitoring and managing bandwidth in large and super-large ICT networks.

The system obtains data from access layer routers and switches supporting standard traffic management protocols (NetStream, NetFlow, sFlow). User-defined reports and data modeling features provide flexibility in analyzing the data — from the network and subnet level to application, device, and user — or, with DSCP support, by service type (such as voice, data, video).

Scalable for large, global networks, eSight’s Network Traffic Analyzer leverages real-time data for planning and managing resilient access to enterprise IT applications.

Verify and manage access and bandwidth performance based on detailed analysis at subnet, session, application, and interface layers with the eSight Network Traffic Analyzer

Key Features

Unified Access and Analysis of Network Traffic  Interfaces to standards-based network traffic systems and protocols — including Huawei Netstream V5/V9, Cisco NetFlow V5/V9, H3C sFlow, and all Huawei ICT infrastructure products — enable a unified view and highly granular analyses of network traffic and bandwidth utilization
Rich DSCP Support

Differentiated Service Code Point (DSCP) support enables the management of network resources and bandwidth on the basis of the type of service — for example voice, data, or streaming video — and the system is easily customizable to meet QoS requirements and for planning purposes

Customizable, Graphical Administrative Dashboard
  • Flexible graphical interface lets you view network status and traffic statistics by clicking on devices and interfaces
  • Views and analytics are easily customized in multiple dimensions by application, host, session, and DSCP traffic
Highly Configurable with Integrated Layer 4 Applications
  • Traffic is analyzed based on protocol and port number, with hundreds of preset standard utilities and common Layer 4 traffic analysis applications
  • Administrators can add custom applications for a specified protocol, IP address range, or port number
Custom Traffic Analytics

Provides unlimited options for analyzing traffic statistics by application, application group, IP address or address group, access interface group (routers and Layer 3 switches), DSCP group, and more

Powerful Query and Reporting
  • Filters traffic information (including source IP address, destination IP address, application, inbound interface, outbound interface, protocol, source interface, destination interface, and DSCP) by time frame to acquire information about original traffic
  • Provides statistical reports for device, interface, host, port, session, and DSCP traffic


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