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eSight Facilities Manager

Unified management includes ICT infrastructure and the environment in which it lives — buildings, data center rooms, racks, lighting, power, safety equipment, and quality of the air.

With eSight Facilities Manager, planning and O&M of power and environmental systems is integrated with other components running on the eSight UMP, to ensure every aspect impacting performance and reliability is under control.

Visual interfaces display locations, space and power capacity, status, and environmental metrics; alarms identify concerns and potential adverse conditions in advance, enabling active management of facilities, power, and support systems at low cost.

Rely on eSight Facilities Manager for controlling data center and network facilities, power distribution, energy management, air conditioning, and building security

Key Features

Visual displays of facilities, assets, and operations
  • Panoramic views of rooms and equipment provide data in real time and allow detailed queries for each asset or service; administrators manage and configure equipment directly from the visual display
  • 2D and 3D images provide views of systems and equipment from different directions; custom views can be created quickly as needed
  • Displays of equipment cabinets and modules show devices, making it easy to check status, settings, and performance metrics
  • Power distribution views based on site and equipment requirements provide visual information in real time
Space and utilities capacity management
  • Capacity, utilization, and status are displayed for space availability, power distribution, and climate control by location, saving trips to each facility or room, and improving O&M efficiency
  • For planning purposes, the impact of proposed changes and facilities upgrades can be simulated; space, power, cooling, and related capacity issues generate alarms with associated data analyses
  • Color-coded displays of facilities differentiate cabinets from power and HVAC modules to help identify available rack space, power, and environmental factors
  • Provides analysis of capacity balance of space, loading, power distribution, and cooling to optimize efficiency and minimize waste
Energy management
  • Monitors power consumption and Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) in real time by facility, room, system, and subsystem
  • Tracks and analyses electricity charges by system (HVAC, IT infrastructure, devices) providing instant access to useful cost information
  • Supports power usage calculations by domain or system, and accounts for tiered electricity pricing to help manage operating expenses
2D and 3D images of room temperature
  • Visual screens display color-coded views of temperature throughout the data center to quickly identify hot and cold spots
  • 2D and 3D views in cloud-like nephograms enable efficient O&M
  • Mouse over a device shown on the visual image to see its temperature at that time


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