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eSight LTE Device Manager

eSight software for provisioning and managing LTE networking equipment; simple, graphical management interfaces make world-class broadband trunking and access capabilities practical for the enterprise.

Visual interfaces enable efficient control and management of eTLE systems — from the enterprise Core Network System (eCNS) to Evolved Node B (eNodeB) devices and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). The system monitors eLTE devices, dynamically identifies fault conditions, and enables remote defect resolution and maintenance for low total cost of ownership.

Deploy and manage high-availability broadband communications with Huawei eLTE infrastructure solutions and the eSight LTE Device Manager

Key Features

eLTE network management
  • Allows remote management of CNS and configuration of wireless base stations using command lines; Man-Machine Language (MML) commands to devices of the same type simultaneously in batch mode for efficient, time-saving O&M
  • Enables views and management of wireless terminals, including firewalls, WAN and LAN interface ports, enabling O&M personnel to remotely manage wireless terminals in batches
Wireless terminal management
  • Provides up-to-date information about wireless terminals, including status, product models, IP addresses, version numbers, and Cell Identity (CI), helping the administrator know wireless terminal status and information
  • Dynamically maps IP addresses on the management server to wireless terminals using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for automatic connections and updating of configuration files on wireless terminals
  • Maintains current and historical upgrade information and configuration files, firmware versions, and Plug-and-Play configurations, improving network O&M efficiency
Service path diagnosis Implements IP ping method to monitor performance indicators — connectivity status, signal strength, jitter, latency, and packet loss rate — for wireless service paths by segment; data is displayed in visual tables and charts optimized to assist administrators in makingthe right management decisions
Remote maintenance of wireless terminals
Enables remote maintenance of wireless terminals; detects connectivity status; supports restoration to factory default settings and batch-mode provisioning of configuration files


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