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FusionModule800 Smart Small Data Center

Huawei FusionModule800 Smart Small Data Center is a revolution in data center design with its emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and reliability.

It is integrated with a PDU, a UPS, monitoring, cooling, and rack systems in a comprehensive cabinet to save space. A rack-mountable variable frequency air conditioner provides consistent cooling throughout high-density data centers while maintaining a small footprint and low energy cost. An intelligently managed humidity and temperature monitoring system prevents the risk of damage due to fire or condensation. 

Simple delivery, rapid deployment, high efficiency, in a low PUE smart small data center

  • Simple: The prefabricated design allows for four-hour deployment; mobile phone App, SMS alarm, remote web platform monitoring, and centralized management for multiple data centers to provide unattended operation 

  • Efficient: The in-rack air conditioner saves installation space for at least one cabinet, frequency conversion refrigeration and cold/hot aisle containment lower the PUE to 1.37 

  • Reliable: Dehumidifying at 10% of the IT load neutralizes the risk of condensation in low-load and high humidity situations, iBattery intelligent battery management prevents the spread of fire



FusionModule800 Smart Small Data Center


Single-row cold/hot aisle containment: L x 2,000 mm x 1,350 mm

L: 600n (n=1 to 8) mm

Number of Cabinets in a Single Module

Single-row: ≤ 8 (quantity of IT cabinets from zero to 6)

Input Power

380V (3 Ph, 50 Hz)

IT Power Consumption

Below 15 kW

Power Density of a Single Cabinet

7 kW/rack


Tier I or Tier II construction


Zero to 4,000m (derated above 1,000m)

Installation Methods

Can be installed directly on a cement floor, can also be installed on a raised height floor


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