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NetCol5000-C Series Air Conditioners

These chilled-water precision air conditioners interoperate with chillers, chilled water pumps, and piping to form a complete cooling system. Installed between IT racks and configured with EC fans, these air conditioners help dehumidify and provide an in-row cooling solution for medium- and high-density data centers.

Leading-edge, color touch screen features innovative one-touch interface switch; provides temperature and humidity curve displays for 30-day periods.

Maintain a green data center with Huawei’s NetCol5000-C, a reliable, efficient air conditioner that’s easy to install.

Keep your data center running smoothly with an in-row cooling solution that provides efficiency and reliability with easy management

  • Simple: On-site fan maintenance enables fan replacement without switching off the power; up and down piping, wiring and draining available; color LCD 7-inch touch screen, user-friendly interface; self-diagnose system, simplifying O&M

  • Efficient:  Use EC fans and 94% efficiency DC power module, total rated power input reduced to only 1.0 kW; heat exchange employs Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation and field synergy design to optimize heat exchange; heat transfer efficiency is improved by 10%

  • Reliable: Employs dual floats and condensation pumps for smooth condensation drainage during pump failure; dual power source enables the air conditioner to automatically switch to an alternative backup power supply; multiple EC fans provide multiple backups to ensure a constant air flow




Total Cooling Capacity

30 kW

Sensible Cooling Capacity

30 kW

Air Flow

5,100 m3/h

Power Supply

208V to 240V/1 Ph/50 Hz, 208V to 240V/1 Ph/60 Hz

Water Flow

1.4 l/s

Water Pressure Drop

55 kPa

Full Load Current


Dimensions: H x W x D

2,000 mm x 300 mm x 1,000 mm

Net Weight

185 kg


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