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AD9430DN-12 Central Access Point

The central Access Point (AP) used in Huawei Agile Campus WAN Solutions. Designed for complex indoor environments where high-density walls interfere with wireless signals, the AD9430DN-12 AP supports 12 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports for powering downstream Remote Units (RUs). Connect up to 12 RUs directly with network cables; up to 24 RUs through a switch.

Comprehensive WLAN features, convenient LED status and performance indicators, and compatibility with Huawei’s eSight Network Management System (NMS) make this Wi-Fi AP (and the AD9430DN-24) a versatile plug-and-play network element for challenging indoor environments.

Ensure stable, strong Wi-Fi signals in complex interior environments like hotels, hospitals, and offices with Huawei’s AD9430DN-12 Central AP

  • Innovative architecture separates forwarding and control modules; RUs only process wireless data, improving the wireless performance by 20%
  • RUs can be installed in an 86-type box or mounted on a wall or ceiling; because signals do not pass through walls coverage is comprehensive with no blind spots
  • Connect up to 12 RUs directly and up to 24 RUs through a downstream switch; RUs are not managed by Access Controllers so the AC only needs to manage the Central APs, reducing management costs by over 90%




Dimensions (H x W x D)

53 mm x 220 mm x 220 mm


12 x GE


12-port PoE

Power Input


Forwarding Capability

1.2 Gbit/s

Maximum Number of Access Users


Number of Managed RUs

12 (a maximum of 24 RUs through a switch)


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