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X1E Series Native Wireless Access Controller Card

Huawei X1E series cards build a converged wired/wireless network without the need to purchase separate ACs. When integrated with Huawei’s Ethernet Network Processor (ENP), the X1E series can function as a combined switch and AC card or an AC card only. The native data access, switching services, and wireless access capabilities reduce the cost of buying and maintaining separate devices and streamline wireless transmission.

X1E cards provide forwarding capacity of up to 4 Tbit/s and simplify O&M with unified user and bandwidth management. They are scalable up to 6K APs, 4K VLANs, and 64K users (with 4 X1E cards).

Get the best of wired and wireless connectivity with lower CAPEX/OPEX and better real-time performance

  • No need to purchase independent ACs with converged LPU/AC, saves CAPEX; unified management reduces OPEX
  • Encapsulates/decapsulates CAPWAP packets on a service card in the switch; after decapsulation, forwards wireless packets in the same way as wired packets (up to 4 Tbit/s), speeding wireless forwarding
  • Eliminates delays in wireless transmission to independent ACs; proven high-performance Huawei technology with high-speed chips; 1+1 HSB or N+1 intra-chassis backup, inter-chassis backup in a CSS
  • Enhanced network security with multiple authentication and encryption modes plus security protections; supports unified access controls
  • Flexible interfaces (RJ45/SFP/SFP+) can be used in Huawei S12700 series switches as well as S9700 and S7700 high-end chassis switches (after upgrade)



X1E Series Native Wireless Access Controller Card


  • 48-Port 10/100/1,000 BASE-T
  • 48-Port 100/1,000 BASE-X
  • 4-Port 10G BASE-X + 24-Port 100/1,000 BASE-X + 8-Port 10/100/1,000 BASE-T Combo
  • 8-Port 10G BASE-X + 8-Port 100/1,000 BASE-X + 8-Port 10/100/1,000 BASE-T Combo



Power Supply

Chassis power supply

Forwarding Capacity

4 Tbit/s

Maximum Number of Managed APs

Up to 2K per card (S12700 is used as an example here)

Maximum Number of Access Users

16K for the entire device (S12700 is used as an example here)

AP-AC Networking

Layer 2 or Layer 3 networking

Forwarding Modes

Direct forwarding (distributed forwarding or local forwarding) or tunnel forwarding (centralized forwarding)

AC Active/Standby Modes

1+1 HSB or N+1 backup

Radio Protocols



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