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Huawei provides a full series of WLAN products compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards to establish high-speed, secure, and reliable wireless network connections for indoor and outdoor applications.

WLAN products can be used in enterprise offices, schools, hospitals, large shopping malls, exhibition centers, airports, and more.

Check out Huawei’s comprehensive WLAN solutions and outstanding WLAN products for all your wireless needs.

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Access Controllers

Wireless ACs for small office, campus environments, and large-scale, connected global enterprises

Indoor Access Points

APs supporting resilient wireless access services for use in enterprise offices, schools, hospitals, airports, and more

Outdoor Access Points

Outdoor protection for squares, streets, amusement parks, and more; designed to provide flexible outdoor networking in various environments

Scenario-specific product series

Coverage for high-density rooms, complex wall structures, rail transportation, train-ground backhaul.


Choose from a complete line of accessories, based on your access needs

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See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

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